Man Buns Are Everywhere!

Hailey Ruderman, Editor

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They. Are. Everywhere.

Man Buns that is. Guys around the world are starting to grow out their hair and then putting it into a ponytail or bun. No one knows how they became popular, but everyone loves them.

Many celebrities are following this trend such as Harry Styles, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham and even Donald Trump. Some girls think this makes a boy more attractive, but that’s just an opinion.

There are many theories to how the man bun came to be. Apparently, the man buns have been worn by samurais and warriors back in the day, but have made a comeback starting in 2013. In 2015, man buns have pretty much taken over the social media world with thousands of boys growing out their hair to put into the perfect man bun.

Junior Leah Emmerich had something to say about man buns: “Man buns are so hot and I want to make out with any hot boy that has one.”

Another junior Taylor Tobey has a different opinion about man buns. “I personally think man buns are ugly.”

Just because a guy has a man bun, does not mean he automatically becomes attractive. Man buns could make or break a boy’s appearance. Now boys, time to grow out your hair and perfect your man bun!

The Patriot Press interviewed three FTHS students about their man buns, and here are their answers:


  • Do you take pride in your man bun?
    • Adrian Barajas: “You know it! I feel like the style matches my personality.”
    • Tyler McNamara: “Yes.”
    • Kyle Keubler: “Yes, a lot”


  • How long did it take you to grow out your hair?
    • Adrian Barajas: “It took me about 4 months to grow out my hair.”
    • Tyler McNamara: “2-3 weeks”
    • Kyle Keubler: “It took me about 1 year.”


  • Does your man bun get annoying once in a while?
    • Adrian Barajas: “The only time it gets annoying is during soccer games or practices when I head the ball and loose hairs come out but other than that it doesn’t bother me.”
    • Tyler McNamara: “Yes”
    • Kyle Keubler: “Yes, it does”


  • Do you do your man bun yourself?
    • Adrian Barajas: “No, unfortunately I have no hair-styling abilities so I leave that to my sister, Mariah.”
    • Tyler McNamara: “No”
    • Kyle Keubler: “No, I had help from Hailey.”


  • Do you ever think of cutting off your hair?
    • Adrian Barajas: “No I don’t ever think of cutting my hair. I like having it long because I can wear it in different styles and it’s a different style for me right now.”
    • Tyler McNamara: “No”
    • Kyle Keubler: “Sometimes.”
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