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A Dive into Horoscopes!



I bet everyone has probably been asked the question of “what”s your sign?”I’m here to tell you a little bit about horoscopes. Everyone’s birthday corresponds to a horoscope, so I’ll tell you what birth dates correspond to what sign, and much more information!

January 20 – February 18 = Aquarius 

February 19 –  March 20 = Pisces 

March 21 – April 19 = Aries

April 20 – May 20 = Taurus 

May 21 – June 21 = Gemini

June 22 – July 22 = Cancer

July 23 – August 22 = Leo 

August 23 – September 22 = Virgo

September 23 – October 22 = Libra

October 23 – November 21 = Scorpio

November 22 – December 21 = Sagittarius

December 22 – January 19 = Capricorn


The Four Elements

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) Water signs are ultra – sensitive and emotional. Water signs signal love, intimacy, and conversation. They love romance. Water signs are also very supportive towards their family and loved ones.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)  Fire signs are quick to get angry, have a lot of energy, and forgive easily. They are also passionate, temperamental, dynamic, creative, self- aware, intelligent, and realistic.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) Earth Signs bring us down to earth, or in other words, their “grounded”. They are realistic, conservative, and also a little bit emotional. Earth signs can also be stable, loyal, and practical. They are very drawn and connected to material goods. 

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) Air signs love communication with/and relationships with others. They are social, rational, friendly, thinkers, analytical, intellectual, and communicative. Air signs find the most joy in books and social gatherings.


The Different Zodiac Signs

Aries: Aries are high energy, competitive, ambitious, and self-aware individuals. They don’t like to waste time. Aries naturally take charge because they like taking initiative at projects. Their symbol is a ram.

Taurus: Tauruses are usually very easy going, and they like to be dependent, stay calm, and they also like being in control. The Taurus is appreciative of all the small things and beauty. They are graceful, diligent, great listeners, and dependable. They can be strong-headed, set on what they want, and stubborn. Their symbol is a bull.

Gemini: Gemini’s are intelligent, funny, perceptive, and analytical. They pick up knowledge very quickly. They are great at communicating, responding, and being sensitive listeners. Gemini’s are great with dealing with both introverts and extroverts. They know how to bring people together. Gemini’s are also very quick to adapt to the energy in the room. Their symbols are twins.

Cancer: Cancer’s have many moods. They are afraid to be vulnerable, and have been hiding their emotions from everyone because they don’t want to seem like a burden. Cancer’s are also afraid that their vulnerabilities could be used against them. When there is sorrow around, a Cancer typically is weighed down. Cancers are kind, emotional, imaginative and romantic individuals. Their symbol is a crab. 

Leo: Leo’s have a way with words. They are warm, bold, loving, generous, and loyal. They have such confidence in what they do, which causes things to be easy. They are very ambitious. They are afraid of needing other’s or admitting vulnerability, so they try to seem “unbreakable”. Their symbol is a lion. 

Virgo: Virgo’s love everything to be perfect; they are perfectionists. They spend so much of their time fixing others lives that they are too busy to focus on themselves. They pay attention to detail. Virgo’s are introverted, intelligent, and sometimes critical. They tend to try to hide their feelings. Their symbol is the virgin.

Libra: Libra’s are the hardest people to understand. They are both introverted and extroverted, strategic and spontaneous. They change their personalities depending who they are with. They need to work on themselves. Libra’s are very opinionated. Their symbol is the scales. 

Scorpio: Scorpios are one of the most mysterious signs. Scorpio’s are hard people to get to know because their introspective and a private people. Scorpio’s like to sit back and watch things happen, but they also like to be the one to ask the questions. They like to surround themselves with people who remind them of themselves. When they say things to others, they are aware of what they reveal. Scorpio’s tend to bring the truth to the surface and not hide it. Their symbol is the scorpion.  

Sagittarius: Sagittarius’s are people who move around – they tend to move around jobs more than anything else. They tend to live life and not care. They are very interested in the unknown, but they tend to second guess themselves. They invest their time in topics that interest them. Their symbol is the archer. 

Capricorn: Capricorn’s don’t seek attention. They don’t care about being in the spotlight, or having attention, all they want is to be treated kindly and with respect. Capricorns like to prove to themselves that they can do stuff, and don’t really care about pleasing others. They like to congratulate themselves whenever anything good happens to them. As much as Capricorns don’t try to seek attention, they do like people to congratulate them on their successes. Their symbol is the sea goat. 

Aquarius: Aquarius’s are a little difficult to understand sometimes. Aquarius likes to make people laugh with their humor. They are sophisticated individuals for the most part. They will tend to do what they want and not what others do. They are independent, clever, innovative, and analytical people. Life for them is a “blank canvas” meaning, there is no specific order on how to paint the canvas, so they are free to paint however they wish. Their symbol is the water bearer. 

Pisces: Pisces have a personality that can be difficult to understand or even match because their personality and mood changes depending on who they are with. They try to be drama free and let all the drama pass right by them. Pisces could be described as romantic, dreamy, affectionate, and generous. Most Pisces are insecure and sensitive. They want to live life like a romantic story. Their symbol is fish. 

What is a Mercury Retrograde? This happens when the planet nearest the sun is spinning backwards. This appears three times a year and lasts for three weeks. The dates that this happens is: April, 24 – May 14, August 23, September 14, December 13 – January 1. Most signs will feel the effect of this, but the Gemini and Virgo signs may feel it even more than the average person. This is because mercury is the governor over the signs Gemini and Virgo. They prepare for all miscommunications and delays. For example, if you have plans to travel for the holidays – make sure you double check your travel arrangements, and prepare to leave slightly earlier than you had originally planned. 

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