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Seniors Win 2023 Battle of the Classes

A recap of this year’s festivities and events at BotC!

On the night of November 14th, one of the most competitive, well-attended, and arguably strangest events in the FTHS school year went down in the main gym; The Battle of the Classes. Here, four teams of fourteen students, each representing a different grade, fight for the most points with wacky relay races and fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Though the student body is divided, the energy in the room is electric and contagious; just like a school sporting event, but with silly dance moves, floor scooters, and butt balloon popping. 

The sophomore class cheering on their BotC team.

Before the main competition even took place, the teams had to participate in other contests to get points. This included a costume contest, which the sophomores won, and a food drive to support the Fullfill Food Bank, which the seniors won. They also had to “Find the Patriot”, which involved the teams trying to figure out which teacher in the school was the “Patriot” through a series of clues, which the seniors succeeded in by correctly guessing Instrumental Band Teacher Mr. Gattsek.

The competition began with the scooter triathlon, where six people from each team had to take turns riding the scooter from each end of the gym, which was also won by the seniors. Next was the egg toss, which the sophomores won, and dance moves, a musical chairs-like game where two students from each time have to find each other and do the called move while moving in circles in the opposite direction, which the seniors won as well. Afterward was the junkyard relay, which the seniors also won, where twelve people from each team had to bring items from the opposite side of the gym one-by-one until the last person had to carry all the items from side to the other. Then, the freshmen won the thinking game, where the team members and the audience try to

Junior team performing their lip-sync.

solve trivia questions as quickly as they can, then tug-of-war, which the sophomores managed to win as well. The balloon pop was won by the seniors, which was another relay where each person had to pop a balloon by sitting on it. Last but not least was the Lip Sync, where each team puts on a routine of no more than five minutes that contains several songs, original coordinating dances, costumes, and often moments of break-dancing or pop-culture references.

As they have for several years, the seniors came in first place. Looking at the senior side of the bleachers, you can’t help but notice the majority of those in attendance are a part of the senior class. Maybe it’s their winning streak, but it’s most likely because they know that this is their last chance to be there as a student. However, being on the senior team makes this even more special and bittersweet. According to team member Pooja Chandran, “Having the opportunity to be a part of Battle of the Classes was such a privilege…we made memories of a lifetime that I will never forget”. Given that BotC is rarely found outside of our school district, it is enticing to seniors who want to assure that they are a part of this unique high school experience and make these lifelong memories. Not only that, but Pooja says that it “brought me my best friends”, which she is very thankful for. In her instance, she might not have not made those friends or those memories without being in Battle of the Classes, which is why it is such a special event.

Freshman Natalie Briggs leading the Freshman team in their event entrance.

On the other hand, the underclassmen have many more BotCs to attend. But that doesn’t mean they should make the most of it. Just like all the other teams, they had practices and rehearsals many times a week, but according to freshmen team member Natalie Briggs, ”(it) was worth it in the end because we had one of the best nights of our lives”. As their first time even understanding what Battle of the Classes is, as well as the rest of high school, freshman year can be a very exciting time. Not only that, but it can be hard to find yourself in a new environment, especially without people you know. However, participating in something like BotC can introduce you to new people and is a good way to get involved with the school community. Natalie also said that she “made great best friends. We really all became so close during it and I’m so happy about that!” Just like the senior class, the freshmen team also made significant friendships, which can make the transition to a new school easier and more enjoyable. 

In conclusion, no matter who wins in the end, everybody has the best time. Furthermore, all grades manage to gain something by going to or being in Battle of the Classes, whether it’s lifelong friendships or everlasting memories.

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