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A Ranking of Fall’s Best Video Games

Which Game Reigns Supreme?

The Holiday Season is fast approaching! As we move into the most wonderful time of year, we can look back at the Fall Season, and the incredible video games it had. Major sequels, Triple A large scale titles, and so much more. The fall is the best time for games to be shared through gifts, so let’s see our ranking of Fall’s Video Games!


Honorable Mentions

Forza Motorsport 8 (Xbox Series S/X,PC)

The Crew Motorfest (PS5,PS4, Xbox One, S/X,PC, Luna)

Just Dance 2024 Edition (PS5, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch)

Mortal Kombat 1 (PS5, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, PC)

EA Sports F.C 24 (PS5,PS4 Xbox One Series S/X, Nintendo Switch,PC)


5. Sonic Superstars

Made By Sega, Sonic Team and Arzest

On Nintendo Switch, PS5/PS4, Xbox One/Series X & S and PC (Already Out)

After the Blue Blur’s first open world game (Sonic Frontiers), Sega decided to create a new 2D Sonic game. Inspired by the success of Sonic Mania, Sega would try not only to replicate the same physics present on the Sega Genesis, but also to give a modern look to a classic Sonic game. To do this, Sega would get the original designer of Sonic himself, Naoto Omshima. Naoto designed classic versions of the Sonic character, his friends, and a new mysterious character. The game has 11 zones with some zones taking place in beautiful greenery, to temples and ruins and even haunted carnivals. Additionally, for the first time ever, you can play 4 player multiplayer or even compete in battle mode with online or multiplayer. You can design a robot and play a variety of minigames. You can even unlock a secret ending with a secret boss if you play the game twice. Even the music replicates the genesis style with a few tunes inspired by Sonic Mania giving the game the feeling that it is the Sonic 4 we never got. If you love both the Classic Sonic games and Sonic Mania, then you will love Sonic Superstars. Superstar’s High Speed levels, unique characters that include Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, all come together for an amazing experience and game. It is the first Sonic game with Emerald Powers, and even more surprises lay in store for the incredible Superstar.


BONUS LEVEL: Sonic will also be having a new 3-D game exclusive to Apple Arcade on all IOS devices called:

Sonic Dream Team – Made by Sega and Hardlight. Exclusive to Apple Arcade: Coming On December 5th 

(Iphone,Ipad,Mac and Apple Tv)

4. Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Made By Nintendo; Exclusive to Nintendo Switch

(Already Out)

Nintendo’s iconic plumber has been having an incredible year. A hit movie and 7 games releasing between 2023-2024. The extra cherry on top will be a full 2-D Mario game. This is the first mainline 2-D Mario in 12 years, so it has been a long time coming. This new game is going to be a wacky and wonderful adventure. There will be 4 player co-op and a full online mode. There will also be 8 playable characters joining on the adventure, from toads to princesses to the 2 famous plumbers and even 4 Yoshis. The adventure will have the ability to transform into 3 new power ups. Mario can turn into an elephant, Luigi can blow bubbles and defeat enemies with it, and Peach can use a Drill, which can go either up or down. Plus, the classic fireball and mushroom are still in the game. Wait a second, what if the level could powerup and could change in a very wacky and wild way? The wonder flower could change a lot of things in the level such as you getting taller or bigger, singing enemies, and crazy transformations. You can turn into a goomba or even into a rolling ball. Just like in Sonic Superstars, you can level up your character, which is perfect for harder levels. Overall, Mario’s Wonderful adventure is a site to be seen. You will be amazed and wondered.


BONUS LEVEL:Mario will also be getting two other games in November with both being exclusive to Nintendo Switch

WarioWare: Movie It! (Already out)

Super Mario RPG (remake):November 17th


3. Assassins Creed Mirage

Made by Ubisoft and Ubisoft Bordeaux

On PS5/PS4,Xbox One, Series S/X, PC, Iphone 15 and Amazone Luna.

(Already out)

Assassins Creed is Ubisoft’s most popular series. If there is a console that could run Assassins Creed, you could play it. Assassins Creed Mirage marks a huge moment in the franchise’s history, as now, you could play it on an Iphone 15. The Game is 13th in the series, and is an action adventure taking place 3 years after Valhalla in 9th century Baghdad. In the game, you get to roam around the beautiful town of Abbasid, where you fight enemies, and even parkour through the town. The game even has some new mechanics for old and new fans. One thing that a lot of old fans were not a fan of other games like Valhalla was its long running time of 60 hours, which did get very repetitive for some players. Mirage is back to being a simpler game at 20 hours. Being a major triple A title, Assassin’s Creed brings back the main antagonist from Valhalla Basim. Basim has an internal struggle trying to balance as a “hidden one” and to see his unknown past. Similar to Tears Of The Kingdom, the game was supposed to be an expansion to Valhalla but was turned into a standalone game. This is a major triple A sequel that many fans of the series have been waiting for, and we are ready to explore the Mirage.


BONUS LEVEL:If you have Ubisoft+ you be able to get the game for FREE 

Then there is a VR Spinoff with Assassin Creed Nexus Exclusive on Meta quest Consoles (Meta Quest 2 & 3)(Coming on November 16)


2. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Made by Playstation Studios/Insomniac Games exclusive on PS5.

(Already out)

2018’s Spider-Man was one the best on the PS4. Developed by the people behind Ratchet and Clank, Insomniac games blew the game out of the water. Insomniac has been a roll during the PS5 generation. Spider-Man Remastered, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, have all been released. However, Spider-Man 2 may be the king. It is an incredibly large open world game with Spidey being able to go from Manhattan to Queens easily. You could use the web-wings to fly through the incredible city. You can even visit Coney Island with incredible lights, sounds, and rides. Spider-Man 2 picks up where the first game and Miles left off, exploring the personal lives of the two Spider-Men, while also facing new threats. Kraven the Hunter turns New York into a hunting ground for super powered hunters and Venom takes over Peter’s Body. Spider-Man 2 is one the most hyped up games of the PS5 generation with the game using the capabilities of the console to fully switch between Peter & Miles. This allows the player to discover the city like no other game. The game is a cinematic marvel with its incredible graphics and cutscenes. The game even has new combat and new missions. It is a definite recommendation to all PS5 owners and Spider-Man fans. With this game, it truly is time to Be Greater, Together.


BONUS LEVEL:A  new PS5 model and a new handheld Remote play device will be coming out.

PS5 Slim:November 10th (With a detachable disc)

PSP (P=Portal):November 10th


  1. Meta Quest 3

A new VR Console by Reality labs/Meta

(Already out)

It may not be a new game, but it is the newest headset to come out from Meta. The Meta Quest 2 was the most popular VR Headset in the world for its time. It did not have today’s technology, but it was the first time VR was truly used in an all in 1 device. Meta Quest 3 is Meta’s most powerful device. But it is not just a Virtual Reality headset, but a Mixed Reality headset. That means you can watch videos while playing some games, all in the comfort of your living room. The camera is so much better than the Quest 2, meaning that the mixed reality will not just be in black and white, but now you be able to see your entire room. The games themselves are incredible! Now you can play Roblox in VR (Also now on Playstation). Join the Ghostbusters and team up with friends in GhostBusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, have a Mixed reality fighting party game also with friends in BAM!, and play some Maracas and keep the rhythm and party on in Samba De Amigo: Virtual Party (Samba De Amigo is also Apple Arcade/Nintendo Switch). From Assassins Creed Nexus to Lego Brick Tales and even Xbox Game Pass finally coming to Meta +, all Meta Quest 2 titles being able to be played with backwards compatibility. The Quest 3 is the perfect VR headset, and it costs a lot less than the upcoming Apple Vision Pro.

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