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October Horror Fest – Halloween Finale

“I always knew he’d come back. In this town, Michael Myers is a myth. He’s the Boogeyman. A ghost story to scare kids. But this Boogeyman is real…”

Greetings, dear readers, and welcome to the final installment of October Horror Fest. Although this article will be finished and uploaded in November (these things take me 4 hours on average to write), the movie has been watched, and the article has been started. I am proud to say, WE WON OCTOBER HORROR FEST!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! It was truly an honor writing for you all this month, and I am so happy that I finally completed this little challenge of mine. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for reading October Horror Fest. For the final article, I ended with the true killer of Halloween. He is the devil, and holds no emotion for anyone. He will kill eternally, and won’t ever stop. Come with me, as after one month of Horror Fest, we finally discover the true meaning of evil… Without further ado, one last time, sit back, relax, turn off the lights, grab some Candy and Popcorn, and let’s review…


Halloween (2018)

We start our horrifying tale in Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, the same place where Micheal was a patient during the first film. Just to provide some context, the Halloween timeline is confusing. Which is the understatement of the century. Basically, after Halloween II, the directors created a film unrelated to Micheal. After it didn’t go very well, they brought the Shape back. Halloween 1-6, (excluding 3) are a timeline. Then, this timeline was retconned, and we got Halloween H20, a direct sequel to Halloween II. In this new timeline, only Halloween 1 and 2 were canon. H20 then got a sequel which was awful, and the timeline rebooted again. Rob Zombie made remakes of Halloween 1 and II in his own canon, and these movies weren’t very well received either. This then got ANOTHER reboot, ending up in the timeline we dive into today. This movie, Halloween (2018), received two sequels, which also weren’t very well received. However, we won’t worry about them now. So, to sum that all up, right now, the only other canon movie is the original Halloween. Halloween II and any other movie are not canon to this timeline. So no, Laurie and Micheal are not siblings.

At Smith’s Grove, we meet Dr. Sartain. He is Micheal’s personal doctor, and filled in the role of Dr. Loomis after his death. We see two reporters, Dana and Aaron, as they attempt to interview Dr. Sartain on the shape. We learn that Micheal is being transported to another facility very soon. Outside, we see a huge courtyard, filled with patients. We see one man in a taped off box in the yard. He is standing still, and not saying anything. Aaron then walks up behind the man, and steps to the tape. This man is evil. He is the boogeyman. He is the shape. This man is Micheal Myers. Aaron walks up behind Micheal, and pulls the mask out of his bag. He holds it up, and Micheal can feel it. The music begins to ramp up, as the other patients in the courtyard begin to go wild. Aaron repeatedly yells for Micheal to say something, as we stare at the unmoving body of Micheal Myers. Our title card then begins, and the iconic music plays. We see the pumpkin from the other opening title cards coming back to life from being rotted away, showing that the Halloween franchise is truly back.

We cut to Aaron and Dana driving away, as they begin to talk about Micheal, and the monster that he has created. They turn onto an old road, where they see a heavily fortified house in front of them. The house belongs to the one, the only, my favorite final girl of all time, Laurie Strode. Laurie and Micheal are both 40 years older, as this movie does take place in 2018. Laurie lets them in, only after accepting a 3k dollar plea. We enter the Strode residence, as we see the true extent of the fortifications around Laurie’s home. We find ourselves with Laurie. She lets them in, and Laurie begins to talk during the interview. Aaron and Dana want to talk about the shape, as Laurie says there is nothing to learn from her story. Aaron believes in Micheal Myers, but not the boogeyman.  We learn that Aaron kinda sucks, and has learned everything he can about Laurie Strode. She is twice divorced, and has a rocky relationship with her daughter and granddaughter. We learn that the state took her daughter away when she was 12, and she never regained custody. Laurie is shaken, and sends the pair out. However, not before collecting her 3k.

We cut to a nice, suburban house, where we meet the flesh and blood of Laurie. Karen, Laurie’s daughter, prepares a meal for her daughter, Allyson, and her husband, Ray, as they discuss Allyson getting into the National Honor Society. Ray is a very eccentric man, as we hear about Allyson’s boyfriend, Cameron. Before Allyson heads out for school, she asks if her mother invited Laurie. Karen lies, saying she did. We then get an amazing scene of Allyson walking down the street with her friends. She says that around Halloween, the entire family gets scared. Allyson says to her friends that the night in 1978 defined who Laurie Strode is. Her male friend then asks if Micheal was her brother, in an absolutely hilarious callback to the other timelines.

At Allyson’s school, we meet Cameron. He is a pretty typical guy, and asks about Allyson’s halloween costume. Allyson then fills him in on the meeting with her parents. Cameon reluctantly agrees to go, as the pair’s friend, Oscar, pulls Cameron away. We cut to Allyson in class, and saw one of my favorite scenes from the film. Allyson looks out the window, and sees her grandmother staring at her, the same way Micheal did 40 years ago. Outside, Laurie gives her granddaughter the 3k. Allyson suddenly asks why Laurie can’t get over what happened. All of her preparation was for nothing (we’ll see about that one). She says that it cost Laurie her family. Laurie then gets back, saying that she raised Karen to survive, and if it means she hates her, Laurie can live with that. Allyson tells her grandma to get over it once more, as we cut away.

We cut to Laurie showing how awesome she actually is. She shoots headshot after headshot at her own shooting range, with mannequins in her backyard. The music picks up, as we cut back to Aaron and Dana. They are in a hotel room, as they listen to recordings of Loomis speaking about Micheal, again, a truly amazing scene. We hear him say that Micheal, “it”, needs to die, as we see the prisoner transport of Micheal begin. We see Aaron and Dana looking at images of the original case, as the music continues ramping up. Laurie is in her car, waiting for the boogeyman. She drinks, getting more nervous by the second. Dr. Sartain is on the prison bus, saying that he will not let Micheal be hurt. Laurie sees Micheal’s prison bus drive away, and she screams.

We cut away to the family dinner with Cameron. He’s making a pretty good impression, and says that he and Allyson are going as Bonnie and Clyde for Halloween. Suddenly, Allyson asks if Karen asked her mother again. She said she couldn’t come, as Laurie walked in the door. Laurie then begins to make a scene, talking and drinking. She then begins to cry, saying that she saw the shape. Laurie leaves, and Allyson follows her out. The two hug, as we cut away. We see clips from Karen’s childhood. She says that all Laurie did was teach her how to survive. She has spent her entire life trying to get over what happened in her childhood. We then cut to a father and son driving down the road. The boy is young, and his father is a bit older. As they drive, they suddenly stop, and see the crashed transport bus. Wandering outside are the patients, in the exact same haunting way they did on Halloween Night, 1978. The boy calls 911, as he gets out of the car with his shotgun. He walks to a wounded officer on the ground, who tells him to run. The boy climbs aboard the bus, and accidentally shoots Dr. Sartain. He runs back into his car, as Micheal appears from the shadows behind him. He slams the boy against the window, and brutally kills him.

We then cut to a gas station, where Officer Hawkins of the Haddonfield sheriff’s department gets to the scene of the crime with the bus. He calls for backup, and begins to see the haunting, gruesome scene. He sees the mangled bodies of many people, as he finds Dr. Sartian. He is still alive, as he asks if “he” escaped. We cut to black, and the date changes to October 31st.

We see Aaron and Dana on a tour of Haddonfield, as they visit the grave of Judith Myers. Micheal’s sister who he killed in the opening of the original film. The pair recount the death of Judith, as we see clips from the murder taking place. At the station, the Sheriff and Hawkins unite. Sartain is still alive, but knocked out. Hawkins says that Micheal Myers was a patient that escaped, and that the murders happened 40 years ago, today. The sheriff leaves, as we see Aaron and Dana flipping through pictures and evidence of Micheal. Dana places the evidence in the back of her car, as we see the mask. She goes to find a bathroom, and enters one of the disgusting ones only a gas station could have. She opens two stalls, before finally deciding to go into the last one. The door is then opened, and Micheal Myers walks inside. In a truly terrifying scene, he begins to make his prey terrified, like a hunter. He opens the stalls one by one, and bangs on the door of Dana’s locked one. She panics, and says that it’s occupied. The shape then walks away, as we cut to Aaron asking the gas station clerk about the bathroom. We see his mangled body, as Aaron walks into the repair shop. We see a dead technician, stripped of his outfit. Micheal is returning, and gathered his iconic blue jumpsuit once more.

Micheal then puts his hand above the stall, as he drops severed teeth into the stall. Dana screams for Aaron, as she desperately tries to evade the shape. Aaron walks in, immediately recognizing the boogeyman. He attacks with a crowbar, and is brutally destroyed by Myers. Micheal is more powerful now. He is no longer the escaped psycho mental patient from 40 years earlier. No. He is something else. He is now dead and evil, taking the shape of an elderly man. He is sadistic, and has been planning for 40 years. Micheal slams Aaron’s head against the wall and the stall, blood going everywhere. Dana picks up the dropped crowbar, as she screams once more. Micheal then throws the defeated man on the floor, as we see his bloody face still twitching. Micheal enters the stall, and chokes Dana to death. He walks outside, and he grabs his mask. A slowed down version of the theme plays, as the Shape returns.

We cut to Laurie, where she learns that Micheal truly did escape. She grabs knives and guns, and presses a button on a hidden remote, opening up a secret door into her basement as her kitchen island shifts. Laurie stares down into the pit, as we cut to Karen at home. She can’t find Ray or Allyson, when Laurie surprises her. She shoots her with a figurative gun, saying she is dead. She carries an actual gun now, and tries to hunt him down. She wants to bring her daughter and granddaughter to her home. Her attempts are futile, as Karen closes the door on her mother.

The police arrive at the scene of the crime, and Hawkins knows that “it” escaped. He says he was there on Halloween, 1978, as Laurie watches the police investigate from the sidelines. He says there is a reason to be afraid of Halloween in Haddonfield. We then transition to one of my favorite scenes from the entire franchise. It’s Halloween night in Haddonfield, and the shape walks through the army of trick or treaters. He walks into a random house, grabbing a hammer, and annihilates the elderly housekeeper. The shape grabs his famous butcher knife, as he does not kill a baby in the house. Me, and many others, thought this was an interesting move for the boogeyman. As I thought more into it, Micheal killed the baby, but slowly and painfully, as the baby won’t survive for long without its caretaker. Horrific stuff. Micheal walks out of the house, and just continues to walk down the street. He snaps his head at any noise he hears. The shape then walks up to another house, as his mask is reflected in the window as he stalks. Also a scary scene that definitely shook me to my core. We see Micheal’s shadow get bigger outside, as the homeowner sits on the couch. Micheal comes up behind her, and completely plunges his knife through her throat. He throws her dead body down, and just leaves.

At the halloween party, we see Allyson and Cameron. They are starting to get a bit drunk, as Allyson’s friend Vicky calls her. She says that Cameron and Dave should head to her, as she is babysitting, just like the first film. Laurie then calls, and Allyson ignores it. Allyson hangs up, as we see Vicky and her boy, Julian, joking around. She jokes saying that she doesn’t like babysitting him. She tucks him in, and tells the truth, saying he truly is her favorite kid to babysit. She closes the door, and Julian looks at his open closet. At the party, Allyson sees Cameron kiss another girl. She runs away, heartbroken. Cameron follows her outside, lying completely, and drunkenly tries to gaslight his girlfriend. Laurie calls once again, as Cameron throws her phone into a huge bowl of melted cheese. Allyson’s heart is shattered, as we cut to Laurie. She is driving down the road listening to the police radio, as she looks out for the boogeyman. We cut to Vicky, as we get a shot of the clotheslines outside, the same place where Micheal stalked Laurie from 40 years prior. Dave, Vicky’s boyfriend, then shows up. He has a pumpkin, and jokes around with his girlfriend. He has a tattoo of today’s date, saying tonight’s the night where they get together. We then cut to the pair on the couch, getting intimate through clothes. Alright, dear readers, For the final time, say it with me! If you do the act in a horror film, you aren’t making it out alive. “COINCIDENTALLY”, we hear a noise from upstairs. Vicky asks Dave to check it out.

We see Julian running down the stairs, saying that someone was watching him from the dark. The Boogeyman. Vicky heads up the stairs to confront the boogeyman, as Julian hilariously says to send Dave first. Vicky enters the room, and finds a man. She pleads for him to leave, as Julian gets more and more afraid. Vicky then pops out of the door, just acting. The whole room is safe. Dave heads outside and begins to goof off, as the theme plays. Vicky then goes to close the closet door, and can’t. This actually horrified me, and she repeatedly tried. She opens it, and the shape appears. He slashes her arm, as Julian, totally the funniest thing in this movie, says, “OH ****” and runs out of the room. Vicky runs, and of course, OF COURSE, slips on nothing and falls. Micheal then stares down at his new prey. She screams for help, and tells Julian to run. He tells Dave to help, and that he’s going to be killed. Micheal plunges his knife down, and does the head tilt. He slams the door, and Dave grabs a knife.

Hawkins and Laurie both get the call for help on their police scanners, and both head to the house. Hawkins searches the house in an extremely intense scene, as Laurie arrives. She screams at the trick or treaters to get inside, In the house, Hawkins gets upstairs. There is a body inside of a homemade ghost costume, and the pumpkin is in the fish tank. Hawkins pulls the sheet off to discover the blood soaked body of Vicky. Which is a shame, because in the short time she was in the film, I liked her. Laurie looks from outside, and sees Hawkins. Her vision scans the house, and three windows to the right, the shape stares at her. The two have finally reunited, after 40 years. Laurie is terrified, as Micheal tilts his head. Laurie shoots, only shattering glass, as Micheal’s reflection stares at her. We see Micheal walking downstairs, completely ignoring Hawkins as he shoots. We see the dead body of Dave plunged into the wall with a knife, his tattoo exposed. Laurie and Hawkins then both begin to search the premises with their weapons, and Laurie shoots the Shape. He disappears into the night. Hawkins accidentally scares Laurie, and the rest of the police force appears, along with the doctor.

Sartain says that he will continue to kill until he is captured. He does not want any harm to come to him. Laurie then yells at the police to do something, as Sartain talks to her in awe. Laurie says that he’s the new Loomis. He tells Laurie that Hawkins was the first responder in 1978. Laurie says she prayed every night for Micheal to escape, so she could kill him.

Allyson and Oscar walk down the street, as he, a bit creepily, tries to come onto Allyson. In the cop car, Hawkins and Sartain then begin to speak, as he asks if Laurie lost her mind. Sartian says that both the victim and the victimizer changed each other, as the doctor still attempts to figure out how Micheal’s brain works. Unfortunately, Sartain has not come to the same conclusion as his forefather, Dr. Loomis, did. Micheal Myers, “it”, is pure evil. It has no emotional drive. It has no motive. It is the shape of evil. The Boogeyman.

The police arrive at the home of Karen, as they and Laurie enter. Laurie wants Karen and Allyson to get to her home, so they can be safe and together. Remember, Allyson’s phone is destroyed. Laurie says her famous line to the dead phone, now do as I say…

Allyson and Oscar continue to walk down his idiotic shortcut, as he comes up to Allyson, and fully kisses her. Allyson freaks out, and Oscar says that he is drunk, and tries to justify himself. Allyson leaves, and climbs over the spiked gate. Motion sensor lights come on, as Oscar, on the ground, sees the shape. He recognizes him as the owner of the house, and begins to talk about his relationship issues, hilariously. However, what happened next isn’t hilarious, it’s horrific. In one of the most bone chilling moments in the movie, the lights turn on and off when the shape moves. He gets closer and closer to Oscar, and slashes him. Oscar attempts to climb the gate, and cries for help. Micheal slowly approaches, and plunges his knife into his back, pushing Oscar into the gate, impaling him. Allyson arrives, and one of my favorite moments happens. It’s bone chilling, and truly hooked me on this film. Amazing, amazing, amazing music plays, as Allyson arrives at the scene, hearing the screams. The song is called The Shape Hunts Allyson, and it’s amazing. HIGHLY recommend it. Allyson looks at the gate, and sees the dead body of Oscar. She is petrified, and she looks up. The boogeyman appears, and stares at her. She stares right back. At this moment, Allyson finally understands. She understands the evil her grandmother tried to fight all her life. When she looks uo, she immediately recognizes him as the maniac who tried to kill her grandmother 40 years ago. She screams in absolute terror, and begins to run, Micheal walks after her. She gets to a house, and bangs on the door, eventually being let in. She is terrified. She knows “what” is chasing her.

Karen is terrified at her house, unable to find her daughter. Laurie tries to calm her down, as Hawkins and Sartain find Allyson. Allyson races through terrified words, saying he is back. Hawkins hugs her, saying that they are going to bring her back to Karen. Ray, Karen, and Laurie make it to Laurie’s fortress of a house, as they descend into the basement. Laurie opens a hidden room in the basement, and sees a row of guns. Laurie is awesome. She says that she and Micheal waited for one another, as everyone picks their poison in the basement. Hawkins, Sartain, and Allyson drive down the road, as Allyson is in the back of the car. Micheal is walking, as the theme plays. Hawkins slams his foot on the gas, and slams into the shape, knocking him down. Sartain gets out, as he is enraged. He thinks Micheal is dead. Hawkins tells him to step away from the body, and that he still is going to blow Micheal’s brains out. Before he can, Sartain pulls out a scalpel, and slits Hawkins’s throat. The officer lays on the pavement, as Allyson begins to weep and scream. Sartain takes the mask off of Myers, and wears it, sadistically. He throws Micheal into the backseat with Allyson, as she continues to sob and attempt to get out. Sartain can’t believe that people want to kill Micheal. When he awakes, he will be ready for the reunion between Micheal and Laurie.

Sartain drives down the road, as Allyson channels her grandmother. She lies, saying that Micheal spoke to her. This shocks Sartain, and he wants to know what he said. Allyson says she will tell him if he stops the car, and he does. Sartain guesses that Micheal said Judith, and as he says this, Micheal breathes. He picks up his mask, and wears it, he stares at Sartain. And with no effort, pushes the bars in the back into the doctor. Allyson screams, as Micheal bursts out of the car. He drags Sartain with him, as Allyson runs into the woods. Micheal turns his head, unmoving, as he stares at the girl. The shape looks down at Sartain, bathed in red light. Sartain tells him to say something, and Micheal brings his foot down on the doctor, brains and skull fragments littering the pavement. The boogeyman looks down, and tilts his head. Another cop car with two officers inside gets to Hawkin’s car, and sees the body of Sartain. As they begin to search the premises, Micheal stares at them.

Inside Laurie’s home, she turns off all of the lights. Laurie tells her daughter that she has been preparing for a long time. Laurie then reveals her true plan. She wants Micheal to come to the house. She wants to kill him on her own turf. She hugs her daughter, apologizing, as we see a model of the Myers house in the room. Music begins to pick up as we look at the house, as we cut to Allyson running through the forest. Allyson’s Bonnie and Clyde outfit has been worn down, and she wears a blue shirt now. She looks exactly like her grandmother did, 40 years earlier. Ray begins to look outside the strode house, as a police car pulls up. He walks outside, asking if they found Allyson. Inside the car, we see the two dead bodies of the officers. They are mangled beyond belief, and one of their heads was turned into a jack o lantern. Micheal appears behind Ray, and chokes him to death. He fires a shot as he is killed, and the girls hear it from inside. The final battle begins, as the Halloween chase music intensifies. Through the window, Laurie sees the shape. She sends Karen into the hidden basement, and begins her fight with the boogeyman. Laurie stands at the door, finger on the trigger of a shotgun. Suddenly, Micheal’s hand bursts through the glass, and grabs Laurie. His other hand does as well, and he begins to attack through the door. Laurie is hurt, and she raises the shotgun. Micheal grasps the barrel, as he lifts Laurie off the floor. Karen panics, as Laurie fires. Three of the shape’s fingers are blown off, and he recoils from the door. The hidden doorway opens, and Laurie heads down into the basement, activating the floodlights on the house.

Downstairs, Laurie says that she was wrong to raise her the way she did. She says that she can protect her, though. Nothing bad will happen to her. Upstairs, in a horrifying shot, the shape stands. He now has 7 fingers, and stares down at the floor. Laurie shoots, missing. The shape begins to walk upstairs, as Laurie heads up to finish what she started 40 years ago. In an extremely, extremely intense scene, all music cuts out. Laurie goes searching through her house, peeking into all the closets and rooms. Yes, this terrified me. She clears rooms one by one, and closes a gate in their doorways as she does. We cut back to Allyson, who falls into the field of mannequins that Laurie shot. She is terrified, and screams. Her screams echo, as we enter the house once more. Laurie follows a trail of blood up the stairs, ready to confront the shape. Upstairs, she continues to seal off rooms, even sealing off the one containing the Myers house model. In the most horrifying scene in the film, Laurie enters a room full of mannequins. She is terrified, and tries to look for where the shape is. She finds Ray’s body in a closet, as she continues to search.

Laurie grows more and more terrified, as she sees blood covering the mannequins. She is horrified now, as the boogeyman rushes at her out of the dark. He throws her against a wall, and pins her throat using her own shotgun, his head tilting. Laurie takes out a knife, and Micheal grabs it, slashing her. She fights back, and as the two brawl, she is thrown out of a window, and falls down the balcony onto the grass. Micheal stares at her body.

Allyson finally gets to the house, and begins to call out for her family. Micheal turns back around on the balcony, and looks down. Laurie is gone, an ingenious callback to the first film, where Micheal’s body disappeared as well. He stares at the grass. Karen opens the secret entrance, and pulls Allyson inside, as the shape walks back downstairs. In the kitchen, he searches for the duo. They are terrified, as Micheal keeps walking. Micheal finds the kitchen island secret entrance, and begins slamming into it. Karen cries, as she picks up a rifle labeled, “KS”. Kill Switch. A remix of The Shape Hunts Allyson plays, as Micheal flips the island over. Karen points the gun up, as the shape isn’t there. She then begins to cry, saying she can’t do it. Micheal then appears, and Karen cuts the act. She steadies her aim, ends her tears, and says, gotcha. She fires a beautiful shot into Micheal’s neck/head area, and he falls. As he does, Laurie appears from the darkness, telling Micheal Happy Halloween. She attacks, and the two enter a brawl once more. Laurie takes out a pan, and hits Micheal into the basement. The two girls begin to run up, as Micheal sits up in his iconic move, a low growl playing as he does. Micheal Myers is true evil in its purest form.

Before Karen can get up, Micheal grabs her ankle, and begins to drag her down. Allyson looks to the left, and takes Micheal’s knife. She stabs it into his hand, and he falls back down. Laurie flips a lever as he continues to climb, and spikes come out in the entrance, sealing the shape inside. Laurie continues flipping switches, gas and igniters turning on. Karen says that it was a trap. Micheal stares up at them, unmoving. Laurie grabs a flare, and throws it into the basement, saying goodbye to Micheal. The flare ignites, and all of the gas throughout the house begins spewing flames. The fire erupts into a massive one in the basement, as Micheal continues to stare. The Halloween theme plays, more intense and epic than ever before. We see the entire house begin to burn, as the model of the Myers house begins to erupt in flames. The girls get to a car, and drive away, as the house burns. We look at Allyson, and she carries the knife of Micheal Myers. The evil remains…

With that, we end Halloween (2018), and October Horror Fest. Micheal Myers is and will always be my favorite horror movie character, and one of my favorite fictional characters. He is the shape of evil. He represents all the vile and disgusting things that evil can cause. He is the boogeyman. Now, as we reach the end of Horror Fest, we truly know what evil is. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR STICKING WITH ME ON THIS JOURNEY!!! October Horror Fest was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done, and I am so glad to say I finally completed my challenge. Thank you, dear readers. Before I go, for the final time. Always remember this. It’s Halloween, Everyone’s Entitled To One Good Scare…






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