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October Horror Fest – Day 25 Special

“Do You Like Scary Movies?”

Greetings, and welcome back to October Horror Fest! Today, we look at one of the titans of the genre, and how it cemented itself as one of the horror greats. This movie is extremely famous and influential, and created one of my favorite horror icons. This film also included nods to the past, while transforming the horror genre for its future. On Day 4 of Horror Fest, I said this. “With her is her “boyfriend”, Sam Loomis (yes, the direct inspiration for Dr. Sam Loomis from Halloween!!! There are several other nods to influential horror movies in other films I’ll be reviewing, so be on the lookout!)” This movie encapsulates this quote perfectly, and I’m so excited to share with you all how this incredible film does it. Without further ado, sit back, relax, turn off the lights, grab some Candy and Popcorn, and let’s review…



We start our tale with one of the most iconic tropes of the Scream franchise, and a revolutionary moment for horror. We see Drew Barrymore, a huge actress who was rumored to play the lead in Scream, pick up a phone. Her name is Casey Becker, and she gets many calls from a man with a deep voice. She begins to make popcorn, as he calls for the third time. Casey says she is going to watch a scary movie, when the man says, “What’s your favorite scary movie?”, an iconic line. Casey, after hesitating for a minute, says her favorite is Halloween (me too Casey, me too). The pair go back and forth, as the popcorn continues to cook. She guesses the man’s favorite horror movie is Nightmare on Elm Street, which was directed by Scream’s director, Wes Craven. This is our first meta moment of the film. Don’t worry, there are MANY more to come. Casey says she does not have a boyfriend, when he asks for her name again. He then says that he wants to know who he is looking at. This startles Casey, and me as well. She locks her doors, and hangs up on the man, with his voice becoming angrier.

He then calls her again, as he says that she shouldn’t have hung up on him. Casey hangs up once again, and sees her popcorn is burning. She picks up once again, and begins to yell at the man, before he interjects. He says that he will gut her like a fish, another iconic line. Casey is now terrified, as the man says she is a blonde, which she is. Casey then runs around frantically, locking all her doors. The man says he wants to see what her insides look like, as the doorbell rings. Poor Casey is now frantically crying, and screams when it rings. The phone then rings once more, and the man says that you should never say “who’s there”. It’s a deathwish, and he questions her about scary movies. Casey then reveals she does actually have a boyfriend, and he will beat the man up. The man then says her boyfriend’s name, Steve. She then turns on the patio lights under the mystery man’s instructions, and sees Steve beaten and tied up. The man says he wants to play a game, and Casey agrees. He tells her to turn off the light, and she begins the game of life and death. The mystery man then quizzes her on horror movie trivia.

He asks who the killer is in Halloween, as we hear a short version of the Halloween theme playing. She panics, but then answers Micheal correctly. The man then asks who the killer is in Friday the 13th, and Casey, with 100% certainty, says it is Jason. The man says that it’s the wrong answer, and he explains that Mrs. Voorhees was the original killer, and Jason didn’t show up till the sequel. This is absolutely correct, and proves that the mystery man knows his stuff. We hear Steve scream, as we see his insides on the outside. He was gutted. The man then laughs, as he says they aren’t finished. He asks what door he’s at, and as Casey panics, a chair comes flying through the patio door. She runs, as we see the smoke from the popcorn filling up the whole house. Casey then grabs a knife, as we see a black shape run across the room in a horrifying shot. This is the one and only, Ghostface. Casey gets out of her house, as we see Ghostface running around in the house. We then see Casey’s parent’s car come down the road, as Casey looks in the house once more. She crawls towards the car, and when she looks up, Ghostface is staring at her. She punches him, and begins to run. Ghostface then jumps out of a window, and chases her. He stabs her in the chest in an absolutely iconic scene, as Casey begins to cry and pant. Ghostface then goes in for the kill, when his knife is hit away. He chokes Casey, when she kicks him. She begins to crawl away, but due to the choking, she can’t scream, creating yet another absolutely iconic horror trope. Told you this movie was revolutionary! Casey tries to crawl, as her parents enter the house. Casey falls over, and removes Ghostface’s mask. We see the knife come down.

In the house, Casey’s parents begin to panic. We hear Casey’s final breaths on the phone, as she is dragged away by Ghostface. The line disconnects, and Casey’s mother exits the house. She looks outside, and wails. Her husband comes out, and we see the gutted body of Casey hanging from a tree. This ends the iconic opening kill of Scream, and our movie begins. THAT WAS JUST THE FIRST SCENE!

We pick up in a girl’s bedroom, as we hear noises from outside. We come to know this girl as Sidney Prescott, one of the coolest horror movie characters, ever. Coming in from the window is her boyfriend, Billy Loomis. So, let’s recount shall we? In Psycho, we had Sam Loomis, in Halloween, we had Dr. Sam Loomis, named after Sam from Psycho. Now, we have Billy Loomis, who is named after Dr. Sam Loomis, who is named after Sam Loomis. I love this movie. Billy starts to cause a ruckus, which alerts Sid’s father. He enters, as he tells his daughter that he is going on a business trip. Sid kisses her father on the cheek, and he leaves. Out comes Billy, saying that he was watching The Exorcist, and got bored. He tells Sid that he and Sid’s relationship has decreased, and essentially, he wants to get non-pg with her. As the two get onto the bed, Sid stops them early. We learn that she has unresolved trauma, but we still don’t know from what. Loomis then leaves, as he says he isn’t trying to rush Sid at all.

The next morning at school, news reporters and police are everywhere. Sid arrives, as we see a reporter dressed in green. We would go on to know her as Gale Weathers. Beside Sid comes Tatum, her friend. She fills Sid in on what happened to Casey and Steve, and she is absolutely horrified. Tatum says the police are interrogating the entire school, and she says it was the worst crime the town of Woodsboro has seen since… and then she stops herself. It is still unclear what horrific event occurred before the film. Sid stares at Casey’s empty desk, as she is called to go into interrogation. She enters the office, as her principal welcomes her. The sheriff is there, and Deputy Dewey Riley is there as well. He knows Sid, and is the brother of Tatum. He even calls her Sid. As Sid comes in, the principal tells his police coworkers that Sidney was the daughter of… and he stops himself once again.

We see the group of friends at the water fountain outside, as we meet Stu Macher, who is the boyfriend of Tatum. Also, he is played by the legendary Matthew Lillard, the same man who plays William Afton (Steve Raglan) in the FNAF Movie! TWO MORE DAYS!!! We also meet Randy Meeks, a geek friend of the group. The friends begin to joke about what happened to Casey and Steve, as Sid asks how you would gut someone. After the group continues joking around, Sid leaves, extremely uncomfortable. Stu then does his iconic laugh. Sid then arrives home, and locks all her doors. We learn that she is going to stay over at Tatum’s. As Sid walks around her house, she turns on the T.V., in which all channels are talking about the murders. We see Gale Weathers, and Sid’s face shifts into disgust. We learn that only a year ago, Maureen Prescott, mother of Sidney, was murdered and raped. This explains Sid’s fear about intimacy. As Sid shuts off the T.V. She takes a nap. When our girl wakes, it is past 7, the time when Tatum was going to pick her up. Tatum calls, and says she is on her way. Sid’s phone rings again, as we hear Ghostface’s deep voice. He begins to say how it is right out of a horror movie, and Sid thinks that he is Randy, and that his voice is sexy. She says that a stupid killer stalks a girl who should be running out the front door when she runs up the stairs instead. Ghostface then says that he isn’t Randy.

He begins to scare our girl, as he says he is on her front porch. She calls the bluff, and doesn’t find anyone there. After Sid taunts Ghostface for not being there, he says that if she hangs up, she will die just like her mother. He asks if she wants to die, and that her mother didn’t. As Sid heads into the house, Ghostface pops out of a room, and swipes at her. He misses, and the two begin to fight. Sid kicks him off of her, and tries to run out the front door. She isn’t able to, and runs up her stairs, ironically parodying her breakdown of all horror movies only minutes before. She hides in her room, as Ghostfaces tries to break in. Ghostface then leaves, and suspiciously, Billy climbs in through her window. He hugs Sid, as a phone drops from his pocket. Sid is terrified, and runs, as Loomis tells her to stop. She opens the front door, and sees the Ghostface mask, scaring her once again. Dewey then drops the mask, and screams in fright as well in a hilarious scene. He and the rest of the police force rush into the house, as he says he found the mask. They arrest Billy, as he says he is innocent. Sid doesn’t try to help him, as Tatum and Dewey take her back to their place. Gale Weathers then shows up, as she runs in to get a recording. Tatum stands up for Sid, and doesn’t tell Gale anything.

At the police station, Sid is extremely nervous and panicked. Dewey tries to stay by her side. We see Loomis being interrogated, as he says everyone has a phone nowadays. The police then start the lengthy process of checking Loomis’s phone records, as he pleads his innocence. Billy then says the famous line, “Sheriff, I didn’t kill anybody!” We learn that Billy is being held until the phone records come in, as he stares at the traumatized Sid. Gale and her ego arrive at the office, as they stop her from interrogating Sid. Sid still refuses to help Billy as he is dragged away. Tatum is an amazing friend, and Dewey realizes that the Ghostface costume is sold at every single small Halloween place in the state. Dewey and Tatum begin their sibling rivalry once again, as the trio leaves. This is also a very funny scene. We get outside, as Dewey quickly leaves to get the car started. Gale comes up to Sid, and she confronts her. We learn that Gale is writing a book on her mother’s murder. She says she will send Sid a copy, and Sid throws an insane right hook. Dewey is astonished, and brings her home. At the Riley household, Tatum and Sid begin their “sleepover”.

We learn that the police still can’t get a hold of Sid’s dad. Sid picks up the phone ringing for her, and it is Ghostface. He says that she blamed the wrong man, again. He hangs up, and Sid falls further into her fear and sadness. The next day, we have awesome 90s music playing, and we see the T.V. It explains what truly happened to Sid. Tatum and Sid sit at the table for breakfast, as the T.V. explains that Cotton Weary was convicted of the murder of Maureen, after the young Sid testified against him. Dewey informs Sid that Billy was released, and that he didn’t make the calls. Every single phone call that was made to Sid or Casey is being cross referenced. Dewey takes Sid to school, and stops a reporter who asks Sid what it felt like to almost be brutally murdered. Something I love about Scream is that we see what would happen if these types of murderers really happened.

Sid walks over to Gale, and Gale insists that Cotton was framed for the murder. Sid refuses to believe this, and the girls continue to fight and bicker. She says that Sid’s mother seduced Cotton, and that a man stole his coat, and planted it, framing him. Gale says that the murders are related, and that the killer is still on the loose. Gale wants to save Cotton, and her ego wants to get her book sales up by saving him. Tatum and Sid are at their lockers, as we learn that Billy is heartbroken. A student in a Ghostface costume comes running down the hall, screaming. Sid runs away, and bumps into Billy. The two have a fight, where he keeps promising that he wasn’t the killer. Sid agrees, but is still nervous. Billy then goes back to Sid’s fear of intimacy. We learn that Billy’s mom left her dad and ran away, and that he accepted it. Sid can’t believe what she is hearing, and runs away. Billy then calls himself stupid. We cut to the principal’s office, as he absolutely destroys the kids in the Ghostface costumes. Principal Himbry says how disgusting they are, and downright threatens them with scissors.

We cut to Sid in the bathroom, as we hear girls in stalls behind her. Sid hides in a stall herself, as we hear a popular girl say that Sid made it all up, and killed Casey and Steve. She jokes about her mother, as she says that Sid’s mom was a “tramp” and says that Sid is as well. Her friend then calls her pathetic, as Sid exits the stall. She cries. We then hear someone whisper her name, as an intense scene begins. Sid looks under stalls over and over again, but doesn’t see anyone. Suddenly, two feet pop out, and Ghostface charges at her. Sid busts out of the bathroom, and runs, as we hear news sources talking about the pranks on Sid. Dewey and Gale then meet, and begin to flirt. Gale says he is very attractive, etc, and Dewey continues flirting back. Gale says that she is most popular with men 11-24, and that she just missed the 25 year old Dewey. We then hear that a citywide curfew was issued, and that all classes are suspended. Dewey then leaves, saying that Gale is much prettier in person. Dewey, in an absolutely insanely smooth line, says that he was 25, but he was 24 for a whole year. Gale then asks for him to please call her by her first name.

The kids then leave school, as we learn that Stu is having a party, and is inviting everyone to his house. Sid agrees to go. We cut to Principal Himbry trying on the Ghostface mask, clearly proving he is a hypocrite. His door is knocked on repeatedly, and every time he checks, no one is there. This creates a scary scene, and after the third knock, he runs out. He calls the knocker an expletive, and a janitor dressed like Freddy Kreuger asks what he said. Principal Himbry keeps looking around, when Ghostface pops out in another horrific scene. He repeatedly stabs him, as we see Ghostface’s mask reflected in his lifeless eyes. We cut to Sid and Tatum at Tatum’s house, as she talks about Cotton and Maureen. Tatum is starting to buy into Gale’s theory. Sid says that if she was wrong about Cotton, the killer is still out there. Tatum tells her to calm down, and that she is sounding like a Wes Carpenter flick. This is a nice little treat for us horror fanatics. It combines the name of Wes Craven, (the director and creator of Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street) and John Carpenter (horror legend, director and creator of Halloween and The Thing). The girls then head into the house, as we see Ghostface stalking them in the bushes.

We cut to a video store, where we see Frankenstein playing. Randy works there, and Stu begins to mess with him. We see Billy in the horror section, as Randy says it is suspicious. He says he has killer printed on his forehead, as Stu defends him. He says that there’s a stupid reason he would want to kill his girlfriend, like the intimacy issue. We also learn that Randy wants a chance with Sid. Randy says that her father is probably dead, and he begins to go into his extremely famous horror movie rant. He says that there is a very simple formula to horror movies, and that everyone is a suspect. After the shoppers stare at him, he says that the dad is a red herring, and that Billy is the killer. Billy then grabs him, and Stu does as well. The boys then back off after Randy uses the word millennium, and Randy says Billy is definitely a killer.

We see a haunting scene of the town clearing out for the curfew, as Dewey drives through the town. Sid and Tatum head into a store, after Sid says Billy can’t be there. She says he is right, and that whenever he touches her, she can’t relax. Tatum defends Sid, as we see Ghostface stalking them in the store. Dewey then shows up at the station with ice cream, talking to his superior. We find that the calls were made by Sid’s father, and that tomorrow is the anniversary of the death of Maureen. The police believe he is the killer, and want to go find him. We cut to Stu’s party, as Gale follows closely behind Sid and Tatum. Dewey drops the girls off, as he drives away. The party is exactly how you think it would be. Drinks galore. Gale then gets out of her van, and Dewey walks up to her. They talk briefly, as Dewey says that he is going to check the party out. Gale wants to come with. She gets into the van, and grabs a camera her assistant snuck to her. At the party, Sid wonders why Jamie Lee Curtis is in every horror movie. Randy comes over, saying it’s because she is the scream queen. Dewey and Gale enter the party, as Tatum calls her brother over. Dewey is happy he’s with Gale, as Tatum goes to get drinks. Gale is praised by the partygoers, as Dewey says they still haven’t got her father on the phone. Gale sneakily places the camera. 

Tatum goes into the garage to fetch some beers for Stu, as one of the most famous horror scenes begins. The door closes, and after Tatum grabs the beers, she is unable to open it. The garage door opens, and then closes. Tatum looks over, to see Ghostface closing the door. He shakes his head when Tatum asks if it is Randy. Tatum doesn’t take him seriously, and the classic lines begin. She asks if he wants to play Psycho killer, and says that she wants to be in the sequel. Tatum then drops the beers, as Ghostface slices her arm. She runs, and begins to brawl with Ghostface. Another thing I love is that Ghostface is an actual person, and can be harmed. Tatum throws beers at him, as she tries to climb out the doggy door. Ghostface then gets up, and closes the door. Tatum is stuck, and rises with it. She rises and rises, and is crushed to death in a terrifying way. Ghostface looks at his work, and leaves. We see most of the partygoers leaving due to the curfew, as Sid can’t find Tatum. Suspiciously, Billy then enters. Stu, being the king of subtly, says that Loomis and Sid should talk in his parent’s room. Sid agrees, and the pair head up. Randy then asks what Leatherface is doing there, and is saddened by his chance with Sid disappearing.

We cut to the inside of the van, as Gale’s assistant Kenny watches the camera feed. We realize that there is a 30 second delay, as Gale enters, and boasts about their victory. Billy and Sid talk, and they both apologize for being selfish. Sid says she has to stop wallowing, and she has to accept who her mother truly was. Sid is scared that she will end up just like her, and Billy understands. Billy says that life is a great big movie, as the two kiss. As they kiss, Sid says she is ready. The two hold each other close, kiss a bit more, and fall back onto the bed. We cut downstairs to one of my absolute favorite moments from the whole movie. Everything about the way this is utilized is perfection. God I love this so much. We cut downstairs to the remaining partygoers watching my favorite Horror movie, Halloween. Micheal just killed one of the characters in the movie, as the partygoers react in glee. Stu then says that he wants to see Jamie Lee Curtis’s chest, and Randy says that she always outsmarted the killer in chase scenes. One of the partygoers says he doesn’t know the rules, and this shocks Randy to the point that he pauses Halloween.

He then tells his friends the rules that must be followed to survive a horror movie, in one of the most iconic scenes from the film. #1, you can never be intimate. This causes the crowd to yell in disapproval. Randy says that intimacy=death. Rule #2 is that you can never drink or do drugs, to which the crowd all toast their beers, because of course they do. Rule #3 is to never, ever say “I’ll be right back.” Stu then leaves to fetch more beers, as he says he’ll be right back. Randy says that if he pushes the rules, he’ll end up dead. We see the scene unfold with the delay in the van, as Gale says it’s boring. Dewey then arrives at the van, saying that someone reported a car in the woods. He goes to check it out, and brings Gale with him, leaving Kenny alone. Dewey wants to talk and take the scenic route, and begins flirting even more

We hear the ambient, terrifying music from Halloween play, as more partygoers leave. We then cut to Sid and Billy breaking Rule #1. Continuing my favorite scene, we see the “obligatory chest shot” according to Randy in Halloween, as Sid removes her shirt upstairs. The couple get back to it, as Randy picks up the phone. The terrifying music from Halloween plays once more, as we learn that Principal Himbry was killed, and was gutted and hung from the goal post at the football field. His terrible friends then exit the building, and go to see the body. We see Kenny close the door to the van, as his camera feed is still delayed. Dewey and Gale flirt even more, as they find the car in the woods. Dewey finds that it is Sid’s father’s car, and he and Gale sprint back to the house. 

We see Sid and Billy after they finish, and Sid says she is ok. She then questions Billy even more about who he called in jail, and he becomes defensive. The pair begin to argue more and more, as Sid says she doesn’t think it’s Billy. She does say that he could have used his one phone call to throw her off. He asks what he has to do to prove he isn’t a killer, as Ghostface sneaks up behind him. Sid is terrified, as Billy falls to the floor, covered in blood. Ghostface does his signature move, and cleans the blood off of his knife. He then begins to chase Sid around the house. This whole scene is terrifying, and Sid is able to get out of the house. She sees the dead body of Tatum, and runs away. In a contender for my favorite scene in the film, we pick up with Randy watching Halloween. Ghostface sneaks up behind him, as the audio from Halloween plays. The horror stinger that plays when Micheal appears now plays when Ghostface does. In an extremely, extremely meta scene, Randy begs Laurie Strode to realize Micheal is near, but he calls her Jamie. The actor that plays Randy’s real name is also Jamie, so he is literally telling himself to turn around, as Ghostface approaches. Such a good scene. Randy keeps saying “behind you”, as Ghostface is lured away by the sound of Sid’s screams, leaving Randy alone. She gets to the van, and Kenny lets her in. Kenny then checks the camera feed, and sees what we just saw due to the delay. He says “behind you”, adding a third level of Meta. He jumps out of the van, and his throat is slit by Ghostface. Sid climbs out of the car, as Dewey runs into the house. He sends Gale to the van to call the police for backup.

Dewey enters the house, with Halloween still playing. The genius Wes Craven uses Halloween’s soundtrack to induce fear, as Dewey opens doors and runs around with the iconic Halloween chase music playing, and stingers playing as he opens doors. Gale reaches the van, and steps in Kenny’s blood. She tries to drive away, when Randy bangs on the window, trying to get away. She knocks him out, and sees her windshield covered in blood, with the body of Kenny on it. She drives away, before Sid waves her down, and Gale crashes into a tree. Sid runs, and finds Dewey. He turns around, and we see a knife plunged into his back. Ghostface is there, and chases Sid. She hops in the van in a scene that really scared me, and frantically locks the doors and windows. Ghostface then slides under the car in a scene that once again horrifies me, and the locks begin to unlock themselves. We see the trunk open in the background, as Ghostface grabs Sid. She escapes once again, and runs into the house. She grabs a gun from Dewey, as both Randy and Stu come up to her. Randy says that Stu is crazy, and he says the opposite against Randy. Stu begs for the gun, as Randy just begs to get inside. Sid then locks the door on both of them, as she hears their yells dissipate. Billy then appears, and falls down the stairs in another iconic scene. He is badly hurt, and Sid helps him stand. He walks to the door, and lets Randy in. He says that Stu has gone mad, and in another incredibly iconic scene, (I’ve said that 10 times at this point, I love this movie!) Billy Loomis turns to him and looks him in the eye. He then speaks the words, “We all go a little mad sometimes” and shoots Randy in the shoulder, causing him to fall unconscious.

Billy quoted Psycho, and caused the cycle of Loomis to come full circle. He then licks his “blood”, and reveals it to be Corn Syrup. Stu then enters, and speaks through Ghostface’s voice changer. Billy and Stu were both Ghostface. Partners in crime. The men then reveal they were the ones who killed Maureen. Sid wants a motive, and Billy starts saying how classic Horror killers never have motives. He says that they did her a favor, and stopped her from flashing her stuff everywhere. Billy then gives her the closest thing to a motive he has. He says that Maureen was having an affair with his father, and that’s what caused his mother to abandon him. Stu then leaves, as he says “I’ll be right back” once again. It’s after midnight, and it’s officially the anniversary of the killing of Maureen. Stu brings out Sid’s dad, beaten and tied up. Stu and Billy start making a story. They were left for dead, and Sid’s dad went crazy. The two psychopaths then begin stabbing each other to make it convincing. Stu stabs Billy, and then Billy viciously stabs Stu over and over. He says that they are going to plan the sequel, cause every good Horror movie needs to have a sequel. Sid blames the movies, and in another iconic scene (again), Billy says that she can’t blame the movies. They don’t create psychos, they just make them more creative. He stabs Stu again, as he says “I’m feeling a little woozy here”, as he struggles. Stu goes to get the gun, and realizes that it is gone. Gale then enters, beaten up by the crash. She holds the gun against the two killers, and when she fires, nothing happens. It was on safety.

Billy crashes into her, and causes her to fall unconscious next to Dewey. He and Stu grab the gun, and when they enter, Sid and her father are gone. Here, Sidney Prescott becomes one of my favorite and one of the greatest Horror movie characters, and one of the best “final girls”. Right up there with Laurie Strode. A phone rings, and Sid, using the Ghostface voice, says she called the police. She taunts Stu and Billy, as Stu says he thinks he’s dying. Stu says his motive was peer pressure, as he throws a phone at Stu. Billy goes crazy, using his knife and destroying the house. Stu then says his parents will be so mad at him. We see Billy walking through the house, as yet another amazing scene occurs. With Halloween still playing, we see Laurie hiding out in the closet, as Micheal bursts his way in. Suddenly, Sid, dressed as Ghostface, bursts out of the closet in front of Billy, and stabs him with an umbrella, a homage to two of  Micheal’s kills. I love this scene so much. Stu then charges towards Sid, and the two brawl. We realize that he always had a crush on Sid. Sid says “in your dreams”, and throws the T.V., still playing Halloween, on Randy. This electrocutes and kills him. Sid picks up the Ghostface mask, and begins to weep.

Suddenly, Randy pops up. Sid thought he was dead, and he says he probably should be, and is so happy that he has never been intimate (RULE #1 BABY!). He is then punched in the face by Billy, as he begins to fight with Sid. She puts her finger in his stab wound, as he is shot. He goes down, and his movements cease. Sid looks behind her to see that Gale fired the shot saving her life. Randy then wakes up for the millionth time, as the group of survivors gather around Billy. Randy goes back into his horror knowledge, telling Sid to be careful, as this is the moment that the supposedly dead killer comes back to life for one final scare. On Que, Billy wakes up, and is shot in the head by Sid. She says “not in my movie”. Her father then bursts out of the closet, and he is untied by Sid.

We cut to the morning outside, as we find that Dewey is alive! He is being wheeled away on a stretcher, giving a thumbs up. Gale then begins to report on what happened. Our camera pans up to the sunrise, as Gale continues to tell the story of Scream, saying that it was like the plot of a scary movie… Ghostface then slashes us into the credits, coming back for one final scare.

God I love Scream. I am so happy that I was able to share it with you all! Scream is an amazing movie on its own, but it also utilizes the horror movies before it to create an amazing film. Scream was the movie that revived horror and the slasher genre. It used the past to bring the genre into the present. It was perfect for horror loving people like myself, and I loved all the hidden references to the past. This film is a 10/10 for me, and is one of my favorites. Just to leave you with a little fun fact. Just two years after this movie, the Halloween franchise, which had been struggling with bad movies, came back in full force for Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later. This movie had been inspired by Scream, and showed the new beginning of the slasher genre that Scream created. What’s even more amazing is that the original Halloween is the film that inspired Scream. Truly amazing, and little details like this is why I love this genre, and why I am so happy to be doing October Horror Fest. This is what it’s all about. I hope you all enjoyed it! Also, if the posted date of this article says the 26th and not the 25th, please don’t worry! I watched this movie on the 25th, but the writing of this article stretched into the 26th. (this issue has been solved, so it should say the 25th!) This is perfectly fine for the rules, and I am still currently winning my challenge. Fingers crossed! Thank you all so much for reading! This may even be my longest Horror Fest article yet, so thank you. 8 PAGES!!! OFFICIALLY THE LONGEST OCTOBER HORROR FEST ARTICLE!!! And thank you for sticking with me for this long. Make sure to not touch that Dial, as we still have 5 more days of spooks! Thank you all, and remember… never blame the movies. they don’t create psychos… they make them more creative…

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