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Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Movie Review

A Masterpiece from the Mastermind

Taylor Swift has always been incredibly smart. Whether it is sneaking easter eggs into her music videos or hinting at new albums, she always finds a way to keep her fans engaged in her work. After the success of Taylor’s “Reputation Stadium Tour Film,” many fans speculated that she would do the same with The Eras Tour after its rise in popularity. Sure enough, fans at her Los Angeles show were greeted with all sorts of cameras and drones. The movie itself was announced in August and was to premiere in October. Since so many of her devoted fans were unable to experience her show due to the insane amount of money the tickets cost, the idea to record it for the entire world to see was ingenious. This movie gives everybody the opportunity to see the incredible show she puts on up close. 

So now, the question is, “Should you go see the movie?” Well, from the moment I entered the theater, I could almost feel the excitement buzzing around. The employees did a great job at making it seem like the Eras Tour. There were posters, bags, cups, and popcorn tins that resembled the merchandise she sells at her shows. They encourage everyone to dress up and trade bracelets, an activity most Swifties look forward to at her show. After settling into my seat, the screen displayed clips of Taylor and trivia for the fans to enjoy. It was awesome to connect with other fans about our favorite songs and albums. After a few trailers, the lights began to dim and people started cheering as if they were truly at the concert. She displayed the same clock countdown that she used to open the show. Though I was lucky enough to go to the show in person, seeing it so clearly and up close in the movie was an entirely different experience. The movie 

provided views that even front-row seats to her tour were unable to see. For three hours straight, the entire theater was dancing and singing along with Taylor. As I stated before, seeing all of the set designs and costumes up close was immaculate. For example, during her Folklore era, she created a massive treehouse to sing in. During her Look What You Made Me Do performance, I got to formally see each backup dancer dressed in one of Taylor’s iconic outfits from throughout the years. The filming of the show also gave special effects technicians the opportunity to add some awesome bits to the performance. During the transition to Reputation, a huge snake wrapped itself around the stage. The amount of cheering and clapping coming from the audience allowed me to relive my experience at the concert again. Though I will never get to see her perform live again, seeing the movie was an extremely close second. You will honestly find yourself forgetting that you aren’t there in person until it ends. When the show concludes, clips of fans all dressed up in their unique costumes appear on the screen, and a segment of the “Errors Tour,” a compilation of funny mess-ups from the tour is shown. 

All in all, I would highly recommend this new perspective of The Eras Tour. 

Whether you are a super fan or someone who just knows a few songs, this is an adventure that should not be missed. I promise that you will be a fan by the time it’s over!

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  • M

    Michele collicaOct 27, 2023 at 6:07 pm

    Thanks for giving your view so clearly about the tour and the movie!! I know that Taylor is super talented at her concerts but I now know the the movie is just as entertaining and exciting which makes me want to go see it too!