Girls’ Track Team Wins Monmouth County Championship

Lindsey Golotko, Staff Writier

Lap after lap. Personal record after personal record. That is what the Freehold Township girls’ track excels in. They frequently put other teams to shame, and on Saturday, May 9th it was evident. After years of trying, the team pulled off what no other group of FTHS girls had done before: win the Monmouth County Championship.

One may ask, what makes this as momentous as setting a record or making it to nationals? In the words of junior Paige Clarke, “it was a huge achievement both as a team an individual.” It means so much more to be surrounded by teammates, who are like family, when winning such a huge acknowledgment, than to do something by oneself.  Every team member pushed one another to go just a second faster and just a little farther. As a teammate and coach, it must be fulfilling to know that one or two people carried the entire team, it was a whole group effort.

Such a victory by this team could not come without hard work. Both Riley Finnigan and Rose Barrett agree that the dedication and preparation put into each practice was what put them over the edge. When receiving the title, they soon realized the many miles and workouts they participated in throughout the season were well worth it. Everyone’s participation, efforts, and motivation were evident at the end of the night.

Although the victory was collaborative, there were some standout performances. Ciara Roche, a junior, took first place in the 3200 and 1600 meter run. Dom Panton, a senior, not only took first place in long jump and triple jump, but also placed second in the 100-meter dash and fourth in 200-meter dash. Caitlyn Poss placed third in the 800 and Emily Bracher placed seventh. The 4×400 relay team placed third overall, too.

All in all, everyone put in a great deal of effort and their title is deserved! Great job girls!