Recapping the 2023 Spring Choir Concert

Kimberly Vasta, Staff Writer

On May 17, 2023, the talented choir members of Freehold Township hosted their annual spring concert. There were still many supportive friends, and family members who excitedly awaited to watch their talented loved ones perform. 

After a few words from conductor, Ms. Connors, the night opened with two performances courtesy of the select ensemble. Each member, walking out, dressed in their own unique, vibrant colors, absolutely succeeded in opening the concert strong. The harmonies all worked together very nicely, and the immense amount of time and practice put into these performances was greatly shown, as all performers were undeniably excellent and prepared. 

Next, three senior soloists took to the stage to showcase their own individual talent. Beginning, Crow Lysandrou beautifully sang the heartfelt song, “Somewhere Only We Know.” Following the performance, Gianna Hopper sang “Don’t Forget to Remember Me,” and her extraordinary voice, followed by her immaculate deliverance and emphasis of each lyric left tears in many of the audience member’s eyes. Ending the first segment of “Senior Spotlights” was Noah Zalika performing “If I Can’t Love Her.” Expecting nothing less, Zalika performed amazingly and confidently. 

Transitioning, the entire choir took to the risers, dressed uniformly in white, to perform four more songs. The song choices were not only perfect for the voice of the choir, but were also creative, fun, and different. For example, the song “Doodle Doo Doo” featured a section where the performers simply just played the kazoo, which definitely brought a smile to everyone’s face. Furthermore, Piper Doherty, an accomplished four-year All-Shore chorus member, conducted the song “The Turtle Dove” as Talia Naum beautifully played the flute in the background, occasionally having and nailing short solos. 

After was a brief intermission, in which various types of snaps were available outside the auditorium, courtesy of the music parents. However, promptly, and rather quickly, the select ensemble was back, and more than prepared to open up the second half of the concert. The beginning song, “Stormy Weather” featured Allison Karmazin as a soloist, and her voice perfectly fit the song, showcasing her immense talent. 

The concert definitely wouldn’t have been complete without more senior soloists, especially from the talented Connor Keough in his performance of “She’s Got a Way.” Following the iconic song was Piper Doherty singing “At Last.” To say she did incredible would merely be an understatement, as her ending rifts were immaculate, and all the notes were hit in such a way that one would think the song was made for her. While this act was a tough one to follow, Emily Landolfi managed to leave the audience in just as much disbelief with her performance of “I’m Not Afraid of Anything.” What made Landolfi’s performance so unique was how her onstage personality was so bubbly yet professional, and she managed to capture the undivided attention of every audience member. 

To close the night out, the concert choir ended with four more songs. Creative and well put together, “Whispering Waters,” with Talia Naum on the flute once again, was one of my favorite songs. Furthermore, in the song “Will You Teach Me?” Justin Morgan showcased his instrumental talent by playing the soprano saxophone alongside the choir. 

Even more excitingly, Freehold Township’s 2016 alumni, Leah Waldron, decided to revisit her patriot roots, and perform the last song “Skid Row (Downtown)” with the rest of the group. With Waldron beginning the song with a brief solo, jaws were dropped not only in the audience, but also within the choir itself at her powerful, extraordinary voice. Seeing the alumni connect with our local peers was truly heartwarming. 

With a final surprise of flowers to Ms. Connors from the graduating seniors, the overall concert ended as a huge success. Every song was beautifully performed by every member, with their own unique voices, working perfectly together to create an unforgettable concert. Overall, the concert was, as expected, extremely well put together, organized, and above all, amazing. Wonderful job to all the performers!