What to Expect at Junior Prom!


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Leona Gagalac, Editor

Junior prom is tonight! As everyone gets ready for the day with dresses, tuxedos, and dates, the Junior Student Government Association has been working hard to bring the event to life. Junior SGA, under the leadership of advisor Mrs. Blair, is in charge of fundraisers and events for the class of 2024, including Friday’s big dance. 

Class Officer Isa Novera shared with the Patriot Press the plans for the night. She explains that “the class officers, senators, and Mrs. Blair have been working nonstop for the last couple of months, planning every detail of the event.” From the theme and menu to the color of the tablecloths and favors, the coordination has been a labor of love. Juniors and their guests can expect Forsgate Country Club to be decked in black, silver, and gold for the Gala theme. With a great song list (including Novera’s favorite contribution, “Getaway Car” by Taylor Swift), a photo booth, and the entire junior class celebrating the past year, the night will be unforgettable!

“Planning prom alongside my officers and senators has definitely been surreal; surreal in the sense that most of us haven’t been to an event like our own prom. It has surprised me how much went into planning, but it will be worth it when the whole grade sees the venue,” Novera adds. 

Junior prom should be an amazing night thanks to the Class of 2024 Student Government Association. If you’re attending, see you at Forsgate Country Club tonight!