Avatar: The Way of Water Review – Has James Cameron Done it Again?


Sophia Monteforte, Staff Writer

The thrilling Avatar franchise has done it again with the sequel Avatar: The Way of the Water. This action-packed film signifies the importance of family and building relationships while simultaneously fighting for their lives. The main character, Jake Sully, has to make the challenging decision to leave the forest Avatars with the ambush of the sky people underway. It was his and his wife’s duty to protect their people, however, Jake knows their population will be defeated and he only has the power to keep his family safe. Colonel Quaritch and the sky people move quickly with their attacks on Pandora with one goal in mind: to kill Jake Sully. As a result, Jake and his family beg the water people of Pandora for acceptance and promise their loyalty to their culture in return for shelter and protection. Although there is a large adjustment to the way of life, the Sullys make strong relationships with the water Avatars that signify love, trust, and respect. 

The long-awaited battle between the sky people and the Avatars becomes unavoidable. With the strength of the relationships made along the way, the Avatars fight with all they have to defend their freedom. Lives were lost and hearts were broken but at the end of the day, love prevailed over evil. Ultimately, this film demonstrates how regardless of your background, there should be peace among everyone. 

The execution of the message in this film proves why the box office sales were astronomical both domestically and internationally. The film earned $516.8 million dollars in the U.S. and an additional $1.9 billion in international earnings. With these numbers, Avatar: The Way of the Water has earned the spot of the seventh highest-grossing film of all time. If there is any movie to invest three hours and 12 minutes into, have it be Avatar: The Way of the Water.