What Are The Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions?

What Are The Most Popular New Years Resolutions?

Mia Bertone, Staff Writer

Happy New Year! Finally, as 2022 was tedious, to say the least. It is time to completely modify the first two weeks of your life and keep up with the change! In a study that was published by the Journal of Clinical Psychology, out of all the people who made New Year’s resolutions, only 46% were successful. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular resolutions people have every year in the United States. 


#1: Exercise 

A healthier lifestyle. So many people intend on becoming stronger and healthier but not so many follow up with it. It is more than a great idea to exercise often which is why it is the most common resolution. To those who have achieved this goal, congratulations. 


#2: Improve Happiness

Unfortunately, 10% of all Americans suffer from some kind of depression. This goal is extremely popular, and one we wish more people would accomplish. While it sounds easy, it is harder than it looks. Depression and mental illness in general are not easy battles. 


#3: Lose Weight

Whether it’s dieting, exercise, or some obscure method to lose fat, everyone wants to drop a few pounds. In general, people want to look better and some people associate that with being skinny. Losing weight may definitely be the most popular overall, however, exercise and losing weight have their differences. 


#4: Career Goals

Everyone wants to get paid, promoted, or advanced in their working place. Many people are underpaid, overworked, and out of time. What some people don’t realize is that it takes hard work to advance in their career. Not only does this resolution include advancements but also scoring jobs that people didn’t have before. Many people want a better job, a newer job, something they aren’t completely miserable in. 


#5: Money

Finally, for our last choice, we have money. Everybody wants to be rich, and if you’re already rich, you want more. Financial goals are hugely important to nearly everyone, especially people who are dealing with debt and money loss. People set this goal for a number of reasons, but it is no shock why it is so popular. 


Making a goal is easy, keeping up with it is the hard part. This tradition has become a huge part of American culture and will continue to be for a long time. Good luck to anyone with a strong resolution, and Happy New Year.