Humans of FTHS – Favorite Movies/TV Shows of 2022

Danny Lanza, Editor

Justin Young – Freshman
“My favorite show was Heartstopper. I felt a real connection to the characters!”                                                                                                            Kingston Zhao – Freshman                                                                                    “Favorite movie from this year is Elvis. The Music was fantastic!”
John Van Horn – Junior
“My favorite movie was Top Gun: Maverick. I loved the original Top Gun, and I have to say, this one was even better!” Game. It wasn’t too crazy and everyone had a great time.”
Anthony Burruano – Freshman                                                                        “Cobra Kai 100%. It was just so good!”

Carmine Steffens, Jayson Chu, Jack Sciarra & Jackson Redmond (Freshman)
“If we had to choose, our favorites would be Stranger Things & Cobra Kai. They both had great seasons this year!”
Deepalakshmi Muthukrishnan (Freshman) – “My favorite movie is Fresh because my favorite actor, Sebastian Stan is in the Movie.”
Daniel Martiak (Freshman) – “Fresh and the White Rabbit would have to be my favorites. I really thought they were great!”
David Tadevosyan (Freshman) – “Black Adam was my favorite. Mostly because of the casting. The Rock was an amazing choice!”
Edward Stuart (Freshman) – “Elvis has got to be my favorite movie. I really enjoyed it!”
Tori Jones (Sophomore) – “Wednesday is easily my favorite. I really loved it for the aesthetic and plot!”
Jack Vaughn (Senior) – “Easily Top Gun: Maverick. It’s an action blockbuster, it has a very emotional undertone, and the character attachment is off the charts.”
Piper Doherty (Senior) – “Wednesday has to be my favorite. I loved it!”
Anthony DePinto (Sophomore) – “The Batman was my favorite movie. Like, everything in it was absolutely perfect!”