Humans of FTHS – Favorite FTHS Events

Humans of FTHS - Favorite FTHS Events

Danny Lanza, Editor

Justin Young – Freshman
“Speech and Debate was my favorite event this year. It was super exciting!”    Kingston Zhao – Freshman                                                                                     “My Favorite Event was B.O.T.C. It was really cool seeing all the grades come together!”
John Van Horn – Junior
“My favorite event was the Homecoming Game. It wasn’t too crazy and everyone had a great time.”
Anthony Burruano – Freshman                                                                        “Favorite event was B.O.T.C. There were a lot of people and it was tons of fun!”

Carmine Steffens, Jayson Chu, Jack Sciarra & Jackson Redmond –  Freshmen
“B.O.T.C was our favorite 100%. There was lots of hype!”
Deepalakshmi Muthukrishnan – Freshman                                                        “My favorite event was Homecoming because the band’s show was amazing!”
Daniel Martiak – Freshman                                                                                    “My favorite event was Danny Lanza’s presentation in Mysteries in History. Not Bias!”
David Tadevosyan – Freshman                                                                       “Totally B.O.T.C! It was tons of fun!”
Edward Stuart – Freshman                                                                  “Spooktacular. It was great! I had an initiative to make others happy.”
Tori Jones – Sophomore                                                                                              “I gotta say Homecoming was my favorite. Lots of sophomore Hype!”
Jack Vaughn – Senior                                                                                            “Peer to Peer was my favorite. Interacting with the underclassmen was really special.”
Piper Doherty – Senior                                                                         “Homecoming was my favorite! The marching band and choir were both great!”
Anthony DePinto – Sophomore                                                                            “The play, it was so funny!”