Prom Outfits 101


Sofia Colorado, Staff Writer

As the interim for marking period 2 approaches, many students, particularly those who will be wearing dresses, have begun their search for prom dresses. While some might say it is early, in order to get specific alterations and make the dress personal, many say it is the correct time. No matter who you are, there is one thing that many people want to avoid at all costs: wearing the same dress as someone else. To avoid this wardrobe malfunction, here are some ways that past and present students have used:

  • Ask if there has been a group chat or social media page created for your class. Oftentimes, many students communicate which dress they will be wearing, in order to prevent others from buying the same dress. If there has not been one created, do not be scared to be the first one to create one! Communication is key, and being able to make sure that no one has the same dress as you will make things easier.
  • Shop locally! Many places, such as Lolas and Castle Couture, have Instagram pages where you can see the dresses that fellow classmates have bought. Or they might even tell you if someone from your school has already bought a dress. 
  • Have a backup option in case your dress has already been bought by someone else. This doesn’t mean buying two dresses but instead having multiple different designs and colors that you are open to buying. I personally use Pinterest to look up different designs, colors, and fabrics that I would love to wear to prom. No matter what dress you wear, it will make you look great!

Now that you have learned how to not have the same dress as someone else, there are still more issues to cover in terms of wardrobe malfunctions. While FTHS might not have a strict definition of the dress code for prom, always remember that the dress should be school appropriate. Since prom dresses are long, this is not that big of an issue in terms of length. Besides the dress code, also make sure that your dress is comfortable and that you are able to move around in it since after all, you will be wearing it the whole prom. 

For hair and makeup appointments, just remember that the student handbook states that students who want to attend prom must be marked both on time and present for the entire day unless there is a valid doctor’s note. This means planning accordingly and making sure that you do not book anything that might interfere with this rule. 

One more thing is shoes! While the perfect prom dress goes with the perfect pair of heels, it is important to remember that you will most likely be on your feet all night. What does this mean? Break in your heels! Don’t let the first time you wear them be to the prom unless you like blisters! Too often, I’ve waited to break shoes on the day of an event and ended up with blisters that last a week. 

Be sure to not make any of these mistakes, and remember that prom is a privilege, not a right. As juniors celebrate the end of the second to last high school year, and seniors celebrate the end of their last high school year, prom is a great opportunity to have fun with your friends! No matter what dress or shoes you wear, make sure to make prom a fun and safe experience!