Jeans Day at FTHS


Olivia Sullivan, Staff Writer

Every year at Freehold Township, on the first Friday of October, staff members are able to wear a pair of jeans to work, something that is usually against the dress code. In order to wear jeans, each teacher or staff member must pay $5 as a donation to fight breast cancer. Leading this fundraiser is Mrs. Kurczeski, who I was able to ask a few questions about this incredible fundraiser. 

Mrs. Kurczeski started this fundraiser in 2006, when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer (she is now a survivor). Mrs. Kurczeski’s family has been affected by breast cancer before, with one of her aunts sadly passing away due to this disease, and her sister being diagnosed and eventually becoming another survivor. While corresponding with Mrs. Kurczeski, she shared her motivation and purpose in organizing this event: “I wanted to do something to help the research to find a cure because so many women have suffered from this.”

After approaching an administrator, the fundraiser was set up over 16 years ago and continues to this day. Every year, FTHS is able to raise over $500, an amazing feat displaying the generosity of so many in our school. 

The fundraiser has been able to continue for almost two decades and continues to draw in waves of support each year. It is truly inspiring to see the dedication and generosity of the Freehold Township community in order to put an end to this devastating disease.