Club Spotlight: Paws For A Cause


Diana Lanza, Editor

Throughout the process of a student’s high school journey, clubs that allow that individual to grow as a person and expand their range of beliefs and values are arguably one of the most important components. At Freehold Township High School, we are lucky enough to have many different clubs that allow students to get involved and participate in causes that mean a lot to them personally. This year, I was lucky enough to be made the Fundraising Coordinator of one of my personal favorites of these clubs–Paws for a Cause. Animal lovers, this one’s for you!

Paws for a Cause is a club at FTHS started by junior Natalie Celano. During my time as a member, I have come to learn that the club focuses on community service and fundraising for different animal care causes and organizations. The Paws for a Cause board works with Mrs. Hein, the club advisor, to put together and run various fundraisers and events that the members can participate in. It is a very rewarding experience to give back to the community as a whole, and having the knowledge of making a difference in the lives of little furry friends adds a whole new level of happiness to all those who are involved.

When asked to comment regarding the meaning of the club to her specifically, junior Grace Lorenzo, the Co-President, had this to say: “I think the best thing about Paws for a Cause is, while it might sound cheesy, the people in it! No matter what fundraiser we are doing or how much supplies we need for fundraisers, club members are always so generous, volunteering their time bringing in whatever we need and then some! Club members are the true reason why all of our events run smoothly and successfully. I love how everyone is so willing and happy to help with anything that needs to be done; everyone just has a great vibe which makes club meetings and events so much fun! All of the individuals who join have a genuine interest in the club itself, as well, and I really appreciate that as Co-President. Of course, not only do we want to contribute to the cause of helping animals in need, but we also love having students in the school community who truly have a passion to support the cause! Shoutout to everyone in Paws for a Cause and Ms. Hein!”

I also reached out to Natalie Celano for comment, who reflected on her thought process while founding the club. She stated, “Previously I had done some volunteer work with animal shelters and when I came to FTHS, I thought this would be a great cause to work around, so I started the club! I’ve always loved animals and had multiple dogs in my house. My family even fostered a dog at one point, which made me realize how badly dogs need homes. I love helping others in general, so I thought that animals and animal related fundraisers would be something super interesting to a lot of students, which it is, as we have over 260 members! I think that the best thing about the club is having so many people in it who love animals and also the fact that we are able to spread our fundraisers through many organizations. A lot of groups focus on one specific organization, but I think it is so great that we can help so many different places with our super fun and successful fundraisers.”

All in all, Paws for A Cause is truly a club in which students who have a passion for helping out animals can come together and unite under a common goal. As a new member and one of the junior Fundraising Coordinators, I have already enjoyed my involvement and I cannot wait for what the future holds. If you are looking for a new club to join with a friendly environment, fun events, and a great cause, look no further!