Katie’s Couture: Top 5 Winter Trends

Kathleen Troger, Staff Writer

Welcome or welcome back to Katie’s Couture! This edition is centered around the newest trends for winter ‘22. The look of this year is elegance meets maximalism. Tailored suits in neon colors, corsets under patterned puffer jackets, and sophisticated fur coats paired with latex tights are a few examples. Below is a compiled list of the most popular items for this winter.

1. Chunky Shoes

A sturdy pair of boots is the perfect way to ground an otherwise daring look. They’re also handy for the cold weather. 


2. Corsets

Usually worn under a coat for the weather, corsets are everywhere this winter. They’re effortlessly chic and stylish. A fun pattern puts a trendy twist on this garment.


3. Suits/Blazers

Blazers and suits are classic for the winter. You can spice them up with a bright undershirt and jewelry. 


4. Statement Jewelry

From chunky rings to bright earrings, bold jewelry is the perfect addition to tie your winter looks together. 


5. Oversized Coats

Large coats are not only stylish, but they also double as protection against the harsh weather.