Emily’s Weekly Political Scoop: Midterm Elections & Erick Russell

Emily Landolfi, Staff Writer

Midterm Elections:

November 5, 2024: the Presidential Election. The American people are buzzing, filled with anticipation and optimism that their party will prevail, petrified and eager to see if the Biden Administration will fall. Such a feeling is not based on personal view towards the President but rather the polarized environment of the political world today, as voters neglect the candidate themself and focus on whether the campaign is soaked in red or blue. Though the country is riddled with antsy energy for the Presidential election, the people are failing to acknowledge the importance of the current election: the Midterm.  

The Midterm Election provides Americans the chance for their voice to truly be heard, a testament many citizens hold dear to their heart. However, many fail to understand the vitality of this election and how it influences what could happen in 2024. By analyzing the results of the Midterm polls, which are still coming in as I currently type on my MacBook, we can predict the trajectory and outcome of the upcoming Presidential Election. 

Anticipating a Red Wave, many government officials and American citizens were shocked to see Democrats pull through. According to BCC, the current inflation rate rests at 8% and Biden has received poor approval ratings,  so why wasn’t it a clean-sweep for Republicans (Debusmann)? 

It’s simple. Over the past year or two, the limelight has been focused squarely on social issues and current law implementations. Especially with recent Supreme Court rulings, such as the repeal of Roe v. Wade, the people are paying attention to who is in favor of social progressiveness and who’s not (Debusmann). 

That’s not to say the population isn’t concerned about the slowing economy but at the moment, it remains stable. The cost of living may be increasing but so is growth and unemployment remains low, meaning that individuals aren’t being exponentially laid off. The lack of extreme concern for the financial state of the country allows focus to shift towards other vital topics such as racial prejudice and climate change (Debusmann). 

Further, voter turnout for Democrats reached a historic high as Gen Z, compelled by their passion and drive to make a change, made up a sizable portion of voters. As mentioned previously, the overturning of Roe v. Wade enraged many over the summer and prompted said individuals to represent their protestation in the voting booth. To quickly include the other side of the political spectrum, some even suggest that on-the-fence voters swayed left in a means to reduce Former President Donald Trump’s unpopular influence within the Republican Party (Debusmann). 

Now that we understand why the Democrats performed better than anticipated, let’s actually look at the current numbers, according to NPR’s live results: 


  • 201 Democrats
  • 211 Republicans
  • 23 Not Yet Called 


  • 47 Democrats 
  • 48 Republicans
  • 2 Independent 
  • 3 Not Yet Called (Nevada and Alaska) 


  • 23 Democrats 
  • 25 Republicans
  • 2 Not Yet Called (Alaska and Arizona)  

Though Republicans are currently in the lead, it is not by the amount predicted by politicians earlier on in the week. Democrats still have an opportunity to catch up and secure control as many toss-up states still remain, but Republicans may just maintain their current streak. The outcome, particularly in the Senate, lies in Nevada, Alaska, and Georgia, which will have run-off elections on December 6 (“2022 Election Results Live”). 

The races are tight, the people are waiting, and I’ve been staring at this red and blue map for a little too long. Stay tuned for more updates!


Immerse into the Diverse:
The Midterm Election hasn’t just been riddled with nail biting and website refreshing but historical breakthroughs. As of recent years, the nation has seen an influx in diverse representation within the political sector, a refreshing and progressive sight to see as the country is not made up of strictly white, male, straight individuals (before the 21st century, the nation was predominantly run by people who fit this description).

Since Monday, there have been a plethora of winners who’ve broken the barrier for minority and oppressed groups alike and today, we’ll be focusing on Erick Russell. According to the LGBTQ Victory Fund, he won the election for Connecticut State Treasurer, making him the first Black, out LGBTQIA+ person elected to statewide office in American history (“Erick Russell Shatters Lavender Ceiling; First Black LGBTQ Person Ever Elected Statewide in U.S. History”). 

According to Erick’s official website, he was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, his father being a paratrooper in the army and his mother an immigrant from Germany. She moved to the country for better opportunities and with the slim amount of resources the couple had, they started a convenience store that Erick worked at as a young boy with his other siblings. With parents who worked day in and out to provide for their family and to ensure the best access of opportunities for their children, Erick became the first person in his family to graduate from college and law school in his birth state (“Meet Erick”). 

As a post-grad, he’s practicing as an attorney at a prestigious law firm, focusing “on representing municipalities, state agencies and the state in financing critical infrastructure projects, such as schools, affordable housing, child care facilities, and transportation infrastructure, managing debt and restructuring pension obligations.” This type of work flows directly through the Office of the Treasurer, teaching Erick valuable lessons on how the position can impact the state (“Meet Erick”).

However, Erick’s work does not always stem from his suit-and-tie career. He is an active member of his community and has served the Democrat Party on all levels for the past decade, advocating for marginalized communities and being an inspiration to the Black and LGBTQI+ youth. His desire to be Treasure is rooted in his moral values, recognizing the importance of closing the racial and generational wealth gap through financial aid and economic stability programs (“Meet Erick”).

A prominent leader of the community and an advocate for oppressed groups, Erick has opened the door for many Black and LGBTQIA+ individuals dreaming for a spot in politics to represent those who get pushed under the rug far too often.


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