Every NHL Team’s Expectations in 5 Words or Less

Every NHL Teams Expectations in 5 Words or Less

Conner Keough, Staff Writer

Anaheim Ducks: Respectability

Arizona Coyotes: Tank hard for Bedard

Boston Bruins: Make the playoffs

Buffalo Sabres: Respectability

Calgary Flames: Conference Finals

Carolina Hurricanes: Cup or bust

Chicago Blackhawks: Tank hard for Bedard

Colorado Avalanche: Defend the title

Columbus Blue Jackets: Get back in the playoffs

Dallas Stars: Make the playoffs

Detroit Red Wings: Respectability

Edmonton Oilers: Cup or bust

Florida Panthers: Conference Finals

Los Angeles Kings: Make the playoffs

Minnesota Wild: Win a playoff round

Montreal Canadiens: Tank hard for Bedard

Nashville Predators: Win a playoff round

New Jersey Devils: Respectability 

New York Islanders: Make the playoffs

New York Rangers: Cup or bust

Ottawa Senators: Get back in the playoffs

Philadelphia Flyers: Respectability

Pittsburgh Penguins: Win a playoff round

San Jose Sharks: Tank hard for Bedard

Seattle Kraken: Respectability

St. Louis Blues: Get back to the cup

Tampa Bay Lightning: Get back to the cup

Toronto Maple Leafs: Win a playoff round

Vancouver Canucks: Get back in the playoffs

Vegas Golden Knights: Get back in the playoffs

Washington Capitals: Win a playoff round

Winnipeg Jets: Get back in the playoffs 



Cup or bust: A team that realistically has the goal of winning the cup this season.

Get back to the cup: A team that won the cup within the last five years and expects to be in the running again.

Conference Final: A team that has a shot to make a deep run.

Win a playoff round: A team that would like to improve on their playoff performance from last year and make it to the second round.

Make the playoffs: A team whose expectation is to make the playoffs again this year.

Get back in the playoffs: A team that missed the playoffs last season but has the goal to make it this season.

Respectability: A team whose ultimate goal is to have young players improve. They are on the upswing, but aren’t quite playoff ready yet.

Tank hard for Bedard: A rebuilding team whose goal is to sell off assets and be as bad as possible so they have the best chance of winning the Connor Bedard draft lottery.