Midnights – A Long Awaited Masterpiece

Sophia Monteforte, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift, a revolutionary artist branded by her talent to turn her experiences into songs, has once again met the expectations of her fans with her new album, Midnights. Ever since 2006, Swift has been making history with her realistic songwriting and ability to speak to her fans through her music. It was no shock to “Taylor Nation” when she dropped an album that has 13 tracks to symbolize 13 sleepless nights throughout her life. To publicize the dropping of her album, she interacted with her fans every few nights through September and October to drop the names of each track one by one at Midnight. If there is anything Taylor does, it is keep her fans on their toes wanting more.

The advertisement tactics of Taylor and her team were sensational as the album was truly the talk of the season. Whether or not you are a fan of Taylor Swift, the release of her album has become common knowledge among social media, radio stations, NFL games, and simply just word of mouth. 

Everything Taylor does is in her fans’ best interest. On the release night of her album, she kept “Taylor Nation” updated on Instagram and Tik Tok about a “very chaotic surprise” that would be released at 3 am after the album drop. Swift has a specialty in making her fans lose sleep over her music and never disappoints. The album Midnights is something we have never seen before from Swift. She has taken all of the different genres from her previous albums and wrapped them into one. With a mix of pop and alternative, Taylor itches all the bones in her fans’ bodies by capitalizing on weak moments in her past but also commemorating some monumental moments in her career. 

A perfect rumor that her fan base has conjured up is the inspiration for her songs Karma and Vigilante S***. As some know, Swift’s old manager Scooter Braun (ex-representative of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande), was abusive of his power over Taylor and took more than 50% of her earnings and did not allow her ownership of her own albums and singles. Taylor has never really voiced her experience under his contract in her songs until now. In the song “Karma,” Taylor slips in some lyrics such as “My pennies made your crown,” and “Karma is my boyfriend, Karma is a God,” which is speculated to be in reference to Bieber’s song Boyfriend and Grande’s song God is a Woman. Of course, Swift never comes out to admit these conspiracies to the press but she has a way of telling her fans without actually telling them. 

Regardless of the backlash and humiliation Swift has experienced because of her confidence to call out those who have wronged her or her friends, she always bounces back. Critics and other artists who do not always appreciate her so-called “name dropping” are drowned out by her fanbase that celebrates Taylor’s success. 

Although her 10th album, Swift’s career is taking a colossal turn in the right direction. Some artists would quit while they are ahead, but not Taylor. The money making factor of the music industry is close to last on her list of priorities. The way Swift is consumed with every track she writes speaks volumes to her fans who are already on the lookout for the alleged release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).