100 Things to Do This Summer!


Christina Kerris, Staff Writer

The 2021-2022 school year is coming to an end and it’s finally about to be summer! After a long year of tests, homework, and lots of studying… it’s finally time to relax and have a great summer. It’s been a long, long time since we have had a normal summer in New Jersey and everyone wants it to be a great one. With last year’s restrictions lifted, this summer will definitely be one to remember. Here are 100 fun things to do this summer! 

  1. Have a picnic in a park 
  2. Go to a drive in movie 
  3. Go to the beach 
  4. Have a barbeque  
  5. Sleep outside  
  6. Have a water balloon fight 
  7. Go to a zoo 
  8. Visit NYC  
  9. Watch fireworks 
  10. Go to Six Flags 
  11. Go to a carnival or a fair  
  12. Watch the sunrise 
  13. Watch the sunset  
  14. Decorate your driveway with chalk 
  15. Make homemade ice cream  
  16. Make banana splits and have a sundae bar  
  17. Make a bird feeder  
  18. Make puffy paint  
  19. Catch fireflies  
  20. Tye dye a piece of clothing  
  21. Go mini- golfing 
  22. Read a book  
  23. Watch scary movies  
  24. Jump in a pool with your clothes on  
  25. Go roller skating 
  26. Bury a time capsule  
  27. Roast marshmallows in a campfire  
  28. Do a 1,000 piece puzzle  
  29. Make your own popsicles  
  30. Play a board game  
  31. Read a newspaper front to back  
  32. Make homemade pizza  
  33. Go bowling  
  34. Volunteer at a charity  
  35. Go to the library and take books out that you normally wouldn’t read  
  36. Learn how to do a handstand  
  37. Go on a long bike ride  
  38. Get a summer job 
  39. Fly a kite 
  40. Write in a journal 
  41. Write a poem, a song, or a short story  
  42. Bake and decorate a cake  
  43. Spend a day without going on your phone or watching tv  
  44. Climb a tree  
  45. Take a road trip 
  46. Recreate a childhood photo  
  47. Buy a slushie  
  48. Have a photo scavenger hunt 
  49. Call a friend/ family member that you haven’t talked to in a while  
  50. Visit a pet store to hold/ play with the cute animals  
  51. Play laser tag 
  52. Learn to sew or crochet  
  53. Go berry picking  
  54. Go to an escape room 
  55. Play beach volleyball  
  56. Make bracelets out of yarn/ string  
  57. Visit a farmers market  
  58. Go for a hike  
  59. Go to a concert  
  60. Learn how to do a flip  
  61. Go kayaking  
  62. Go thrift shopping  
  63. Go surfing 
  64. Do something out of your comfort zone  
  65. Run in a race  
  66. Plant a flower/ tree  
  67. Pull an all nighter  
  68. Redecorate your room  
  69. Ride a roller coaster  
  70. Play video games  
  71. Go on a jet ski  
  72. Go snorkeling  
  73. Go white water rafting 
  74. Go camping  
  75. Have a picnic 
  76. Go to a museum  
  77. Do a photography scangenegr hunt  
  78. Run through a sprinkler  
  79. Go to a water park 
  80. Go fishing  
  81. Make homemade chocolate chip cookies  
  82. Try a new sport  
  83. Have a garage sale  
  84. Build a fort  
  85. Go on a boat
  86. Walk on a boardwalk
  87. Get ice cream on the beach
  88. Bike on a boardwalk 
  89. Ride bumper cars 
  90. Visit an aquarium
  91. Visit a farm
  92. Try a new recipe
  93. Play cards
  94.  Join a book club
  95. Try indoor rock climbing
  96. Fly a drone
  97. Karaoke
  98. Learn a new instrument
  99. Go canoeing 
  100. And last but not least, go to a trampoline park