Mental Mojo: Bending Your Own Rulebook


Kristyn Pscolka, Staff Writer

Hello and welcome to my podcast! My name is Kristyn Pscolka and I’m here to talk about the real deal with mental health. Anxiety, depression, and eating disorders are all things I have gone through. I am recovering everyday from my eating disorder and I’m so glad to say that I am doing much better! Everybody is struggling with something, so why do we push those feelings away? Let’s dive into some deep convos and help build each other up.

In other words, stepping out of your comfort zone, but not only that! In this episode, Kristyn talks about how we set our own rules and how we need to change these rules. People have such strong opinions of not only people but things in general and we need to look at whatever it is in a new light and a new perspective. We can learn new things by giving second chances or just by listening to our gut. Stop following the rules the others set for you or even rules that you set yourself!