Tori’s Tips – 6/5

Toris Tips - 6/5

Tori Simons, Staff Writer

How to Make the Most Out of Summer?


For most, Summer is an exciting and adventurous time. People have more time to hangout with friends, see the movie that they have wanted to for months, take the road trip they have fully planned out, and even dive into the book series they have been waiting to start. However, others have a more difficult time keeping themselves occupied during the months where school is not in session. Others like to be in school and have a set schedule everyday. For those who are like this, here are a few tips to help make your summer more enjoyable.

  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone

A lot of the time during Summer, one may feel stuck or that they have nothing to do. To avoid this feeling, do things that are out of your comfort zone. Hangout with those friends that you never do, go to that random place you saw on tik tok, and agree to doing activities you normally wouldn’t participate in. Joining new activities helps you become more open to going out and doing something. The first step of not feeling bored or weighed down during the Summer is getting up and going out. Yes, it is okay to have a lazy day every once in a while during the Summer months, but this season is your break from the constant everyday cycle. So break up your day and try new things, most of the time you’d be surprised on how much you can enjoy it.

  • Take the time to do things you enjoy doing

Throughout a school semester the time to do extra things you enjoy may not be possible. Clubs, sports, and academic obligations tend to take over free time. However, summer gives an individual the time to do the things they enjoy. So, take the time for yourself and do the small activities you cannot usually do during school. Watch the new season of the show, go outside and paint, read that book that has been sitting on your night stand, and spend time with those you normally don’t get to see. Summer is about taking a break from the stressful times of school, so make sure you do the things you enjoy.

  • Allow yourself to stop stressing and focus on the current moment

During the school year, people go through their constant cycle. Get up, get ready for school, go there and get work done, come home, eat, and go to bed. Obviously some activities like sports or clubs come into play, but the cycle is basically the same. These constant steps can not only be draining, but become very stressful. However, Summer does not trap an individual in that stressful loop. Summer is the time where a person is able to enjoy certain activities they can’t normally do, go on vacation and not feel guilty about missing something, and relieve themselves of the worries that come with tests coming up. Allowing yourself to stop stressing is a key factor in having a good Summer, almost as important as living in the moment. Over the few months, there will be lots of fun and excitement, but that doesn’t mean it should be lived through a phone camera. Putting the phone down and blocking out the straining things in life can help you fully dive into the reality you are in. Making memories is a huge part of Summer, which shouldn’t be missed out on.

  • Give yourself the time to reset for next

The Summer months are filled with fun, adventurous, and thrilling activities that allow one to make long lasting memories. Being a part of different things each day can keep one entertained, but also very busy. Finding a balance between having fun and relaxation is an important part of Summer. A main concept to remember is don’t rush into the next school year. Your Summer is a time to destress and enjoy yourself. So, don’t feel the need to finish that long bucket list within the first two weeks of your break, or feel guilty for not having a grand activity to do. These few months can be looked at as a time to reset for next year, not feeling obligated to prepare yourself for what is to come. Giving yourself the mental and physical break of the stress, anxiety, and difficulties in life is a key factor to remember. 

For most people, Summer is a time where people can take a break from their everyday lives and have a little more adventure. On the other hand, some do not enjoy these months as much due to the need to be on a schedule or too much free time. In either case, this break should be spent doing the activities that one actually enjoys and experiencing new things. Summer can be a very exciting time if one allows themselves to have fun and let that excitement in.


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