Tori’s Tips – 5/15

Toris Tips - 5/15

Tori Simons, Staff Writer

How to Expand Your Time in the Morning:

  • Set alarms with ringtones that are loud and obnoxious

Getting up in the morning for school or work can be a hassle, especially for those who sleep through almost anything. In this case, by the time one ends up waking up, they need to be at their destination in the next ten minutes. To avoid this situation, the best thing to do is pick a sound or noise that disrupts you, no matter what situation you are in. Then, take that sound and use it as a ringtone to various alarms in the morning. By creating a ringtone that is very disruptive to a person, it causes someone to force themselves to wake up and turn it off. Also having different ringtones in the morning can be helpful, since an individual cannot block out the tone overtime. The more the tones are different, the harder it is to tune them out and ignore them. Many people also have the problem of snoozing their alarm, so creating more alarms than just one or two also helps cause a disruption. Adding alarms in intervals of 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and even 1 minute if necessary can be very helpful when trying to wake up. The more times one has to wake up to shut off their alarm, in order to continue sleeping, will lead them to already being awake enough to get out of bed. Setting different alarms in the morning can lead to waking up earlier, and not falling behind in one’s morning schedule.

  • Pack your bag for school or sports the night before

Aside from the fact of individuals not being able to get out of bed in the morning, many people do not have the easiest time of being fully awake when they step out of bed. Usually, one needs a couple of minutes to completely wake up, and some are still half asleep while stepping into school or work. This leads to feeling groggy and run down in the morning, thus causing an individual to carry out their morning tasks in a slower manner. In order to avoid forgetting anything at the last minute and running around anxiously in the morning, pack the night before. Having everything already in the right spot for the next day can give yourself peace of mind the next morning. Then, one can focus on other factors, like actually waking up, rather than trying to think of what they might not have. Packing items the night before also leads to a less likely chance of things being forgotten. In addition to this, one can pre-make food items for the next day. Making lunch like a sandwich or salad the night before can greatly expand time in the morning. Putting the nonperishable items on the counter and perishable items in the refrigerator can increase time for other things in the morning and allows for an easy “grab and go” moment. When a person is awake, they can focus on the task at hand and are more likely to remember the small things, rather than someone who just woke up. Taking the time the night before to pack certain items can maximize time in the morning.

  • Layout or pick your clothes the night before

Another action that someone can take to maximize their time in the morning is to decide what they are going to wear the night before. When picking out an outfit there are various factors that go into it like what the weather is going to be like, the school or work climate, activities needed to be done throughout the day, and possible extracurricular activities. Keeping this in mind, it can lead to an individual staring at their closet for ten minutes then trying on five different outfits for the next fifteen minutes. To avoid this issue, planning out what you are going to wear is the best thing to do. Then, one can wear what they need to during the day and even pack another outfit for other activities afterwards, like sports. 

  • Put all of the materials you cannot put in a bag in a visible place

When certain things need to be taken with someone to wherever they are going, it is easy to throw them into a bag and call it a day. However, in most cases, there are many items that cannot be packed the night before because they are needed for morning use. If this is the case, make sure these items are placed in a visible location. Physically seeing the object in front of you will trigger your memory of taking it with you for the day. Having everything in the “right” place also prevents anything from being left behind or forgotten about. If the locations of the items are easily envisioned, then the time to grab those items are decreased. This then creates more time in the morning.

  • Write down or set a reminder for extra things you need to bring

Creating a list or setting a reminder to grab things in the morning is a great way to keep track of things. By having a physical list in front of you, it cuts down on the time trying to remember what you are forgetting, and prevents rummaging through the house to try and find that one thing. If you have the feeling that you are forgetting something, there is a high chance that you are. Then that feeling will stick with you for the rest of the day, and will make you upset when it turns out to be true. Having an exact representation of what you need to remember will prevent any of this from happening and can allow you to pick up the items in a timely manner. 


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