Katie’s Couture: My Favorite Fashion Trends From The Past 50 Decades

Katies Couture: My Favorite Fashion Trends From The Past 50 Decades

Kathleen Troger, Staff Writer

Fashion evolves very quickly, meaning a new style emerges almost every decade. Some are good, while others, not so much. However, in this article, I’ll be sharing my favorite fashion trends from the past 50 decades. 

70s – Platform shoes

Platforms were one of the most popular shoes in the 70s, and they are coming back into style now. I am quite a fan of this trend, and I own a few pairs of them myself. 

80s- Leg warmers

Leg warmers were originally used to keep the lower legs of dancers warm. They eventually became a fashion statement. They went out of style quickly, but they are slowly coming back.

90s – Slip dresses

Slip dresses became popular in the 90s as an act of anti-fashion, since the 90s were all about minimal and grunge styles. The trend of slip dresses stayed around and are still extremely popular.

00s – Corset tops

When corsets were first created, they were used as an undergarment. However, they were used as a top in the 2000s. They are still a trendy item today. 

10s – Tailored suits

As fashion started to become less confined by gender stereotypes, tailored suits on women became more popular than ever in the 2010s. 

It’s clear how fast fashion evolves, and it will continue to do so. In a few years, we will be able to reflect on the fashion trends of the current decade.