BOTC Frequently Asked Questions


Olivia Naum, Senior Editor

With the return of in-person school, Freehold Township High School is slowly bringing back the beloved events that students eagerly await all year. FTHS is delighted to have the return of one of the most anticipated events of every school year, Battle of the Classes (BOTC). The prolonged absence of BOTC has caused many current FTHS students to have never before experienced this amazing event. In order to fully enjoy this upcoming BOTC, it is important that students learn a little bit more about one of the most memorable events of the year. Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions concerning BOTC and the highlights from the past few years.


Question #1- What does BOTC stand for? 

BOTC is an acronym that stands for Battle of the Classes. 


Question #2- What is BOTC? 

BOTC is an incredible event held at Freehold Township High school where representatives from each grade go head to head in a variety of exciting competitions. Students cheer on their classmates from the bleachers, inspiring them to achieve victory. 


Question #3- Who participates in BOTC? 

14 students from each grade are selected by their peers. Anyone is allowed to sign up and the entire class is able to vote for who they would like to see compete in BOTC. 


Question #4- What happens leading up to BOTC? 

One of the most thrilling aspects of  BOTC is that the competition begins at the start of the school day. Each team dresses up in themed costumes for the first pre-competition. Some previous themes have been Avatar, favorite teachers, Super Mario characters, and McDonald’s happy meal. Another event that occurs during the school day is the scavenger hunt for the patriot, which earns the team bonus points before the competition. 


Question #5- What happens during BOTC? 

BOTC consists of several fun events that incite the competitive spirit of each class. The specific events vary each year but they can be categorized as field day or summer camp style activities. In the past there have been scooter races, tug-of-war, trivia, and egg tosses. The final event is always the highly anticipated and most attention grabbing competition, the Lip Sync Battle. 


Question #6- What is the Lip Sync Battle? 

The excitement of BOTC culminates in the final competition, the Lip Sync Battle. The teams each put on a production where they dance, perform, do tricks, and of course lip sync to songs of their choosing. 


Question #7- Who chooses the winner? 

Each competition earns the team a specific amount of points and the team who has the most points wins. The competition is overseen by a panel of judges and they determine where each team places in every event. 


Question #8- What do you get if you win? 

The team that wins BOTC wins bragging rights as the best class at FTHS! 


Question #9- Where and when is BOTC this year?

April 27th at Freehold Township High School. 


Question #10- Should I go to BOTC this year? 

Yes, definitely! BOTC is the perfect place to make unforgettable memories of your high school experience. With the last two years mostly being without many of the momentous high school events, you won’t want to miss this opportunity. BOTC is guaranteed to be one of the best nights of the year and a special moment for all high school students. 


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