Pop Poetry: As I Write


Beau Romanowski, Staff Writer

Everytime I try to write or make something I’m proud of, I am limited in my sense of creativity because of my consistent fear of knowing more after. 


I could never publish anything because even though the data might say something now if I interpret it and the data changes everything I say about it, even the data itself becomes wrong and unnecessary.


Most of my words feel unnecessary but saying that aloud  in your brain as you read or listen to me speak feels niche.


The world works the way I predicted and inferred for a long time and again, creating an environment where one is conscious only brings up more cliche interpretations to the new aware psyche.


I feel like I will always be in a more secluded process of self-awareness because I try too hard to help other people have their own sense of awakening and self. But that would be too hard to achieve. Maybe this is the next evolution or maybe I am just one of many mutations thinking I am the strongest.


A true paradox. May my soul be forever stuck.