Global Warming is Continuing to Rise


Robert S. Donovan

A coal fired power plant on the Ohio River just West of Cincinnati

Heather Feinstein, Staff Writer

Warm weather is lingering longer throughout the entire world as temperatures continue to climb, causing global warming to worsen. While the shimmering sun and summer-like weather are enjoyable in the short-term, the increasing temperatures have caused detrimental environmental effects. For example, sea levels have risen, glaciers are shrinking, and significant periods of droughts are being experienced. 

The effects of climate change can be directly seen in Freehold Township, for temperatures have dramatically risen throughout the years. In January of 2011, Freehold Township’s highest temperature was 55°F, and the average temperature was 26°F. However, in January of 2022, the peak temperature was 61°F, and the average temperature was 31°F. The average temperature has increased by five degrees over the past eleven years. While this number may be perceived as miniscule, it actually has a significant impact on the environment and organisms that are not adapted to the warming temperatures. 

Global warming in Freehold Township and around the world has been predominantly caused by human activity. Burning fossil fuels—a common, everyday undertaking done through driving a car, operating a factory, utilizing electricity, etc—has caused greenhouse gas emissions to surge. When these emissions grow, they become concentrated in the atmosphere and lead to a hotter climate. Carbon dioxide is one of the most prominent gasses that has dangerously high emissions. Its atmospheric concentration has risen by 48 percent since the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, which was the start of major factories—a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions.

While it is near impossible to reverse the existing damage caused by climate change, there are ways to reduce global warming for the future. For example, you can reduce the amount of times you have to use your car. Because it is incredibly difficult to stop using gas-operated vehicles and expensive to switch to electric vehicles, try carpooling to eliminate as many cars on the road; as a result, the overall gas emissions will decline. Bettering your recycling habits will also improve climate change as this action will allow carbon dioxide emissions to lessen. Additionally, spreading the word about global warming and acknowledging its inimical presence will encourage others to participate in actions to reduce global warming.