Netflix Hot Topics: Outerbanks

Netflix Hot Topics: Outerbanks

Brianna Pacailler, Staff Writer

Hello and welcome back to Netflix Hot Topics! I hope you all had a nice long weekend. I for one enjoyed relaxing and binge watching shows on my Netflix list! Speaking of which, I think it’s time for yet another Netflix Hot Topic. So let’s focus our attention on this month’s hot topic which is… Outer Banks! For some this title may be quite familiar! If you don’t know already, the first episode of this series was released on April 15, 2020. A media craze rose as this show had quickly become a fan favorite moments after it’s release. 2020 had been a rough year globally, but this show definitely brought the action-packed drama that audiences had desperately craved during lock-down. So, without further introduction, let’s unpack the events occurring in season 1 and 2. 

Season 1 sets the scene of four kids by the names of JJ, Kiara, Pope and John B, also known as the Pogues. These teens live on the poor side of town, opposite of the Kooks (known as the rich kids). The Pogues and Kooks are well known for their rivalries over specific hangout spots. Due to the town’s favoritism of wealth, it’s pretty self explanatory who’s always receiving the short end of the stick. Continuing on, alongside the rigid rivalry of social classes, audiences are introduced to another set of characters named Sarah and Rafe Cameron. The only downside of these antagonists is the truth in which they are Kooks. Returning back to the story of the Pogues, they stumble upon a shipwreck just meters under shore during an annual boating trip. With peaked curiosity, JJ and John B search the boat hoping to find some sort of gold and riches. Instead of their desired luxuries, they had discovered a compass with the engravings “Redfield”. Now, such an irregular word could often be overlooked on such occasions. Instead, this word happened to be engraved in the handwriting of John B’s father. To back track, John B has not seen his dad since he disappeared during his son’s early years. With such an outstanding revelation, the group immediately went into investigation hoping this small trinket could reveal John B’s fathers location. The only remaining question was if he was still alive. During this long, enduring operation, the gang later finds themselves intertwined with the company of Sarah Cameron. Instead of instigating the behavior of the surrounding Kook delinquents, Sarah had actually been of help and interested in growing a friendship with the Pogues, regardless of their social class. This friendship is shortly outlived as she soon finds herself in a secret relationship with John B. Does this relationship spiral out of control with public concerns? Will the Pogues and Kooks eventually cut ties? These questions can all be answered as soon as you press play! Furthermore, let’s surpass the Pogues journey and wrap up the remainder of details from season 1. Aside from the journey towards answers, audiences are introduced to Ward Cameron (father of Sarah and Rafe). With the background of a Kook wealth and power is to be expected, except audiences are shocked when it is discovered that Ward Cameron is capable of much more deadly things. Let’s just say the Pogue’s final destination for answers won’t just be a hop, skip and jump away if Ward has anything to do about it. And that’s all to be told about season 1! Now, let’s discuss the events leading into season 2.

Season 2 arises with the long-awaited response to season 1’s cliffhanger. This had been the turning point for the events awaiting the characters. There is not too much to share about this season due to the spoilers attached to both these seasons. But the treasure hunt previously discussed in season 1 does still carry over into this season. It’s fair to say that the Pogues still have yet to go before even coming close to solving their troublesome mystery. To make matters worse, Ward is still butting his schemes into their tracks while also snatching clues right from under their grasp. As it’s said in many fictional novels, no villain works alone. In this case, Ward’s partner is none other than Rafe. Tensions rise between the Cameron siblings as they are both on the same quest fighting along different sides. At the end of the day Sarah will always be one of them… But will this constant reminder make her reconsider her side choice? Loss of loyalty is something the Pogues are hit hard with on a daily basis. To fast forward a bit through Ward’s manipulative grasp on the Pogues, the most I can say to hint at the next part of this season would be that someone does the time for the wrong crime! Does this mean that Ward will get what he seeks? Will the Pogues crumble at the feet of the Camerons? What will season three bring into play? Looks like you have a plot to investigate!

Overall, I recommend Outer Banks to anyone who loves a good crime story. This series not only includes a personal take on the daily struggle of societal class stereotypes, but it also captures the thrilling, chill of uncovering a town secret! Currently there is no pre-existing information on the upcoming release date for season three, but further updates are soon to come! For now enjoy this month’s hot topic Outer Banks! Have a great day everyone, I hope to see you all again for next month’s Hot Topic!