Netflix Hot Topics: Never Have I Ever

Netflix Hot Topics: Never Have I Ever

Brianna Pacailler, Staff Writer

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Netflix Hot Topics! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and of course HAPPY NEW YEAR! It wouldn’t be a new year without a new Netflix Hot Topic! So without further introduction, our January Hot Topic is…. Never Have I Ever! Never Have I Ever narrates the story of the protagonist Devi along her journey through usual trials and afflictions of being a teenager, with factors like dating, discovering your true identity, popularity, and family culture pressures, showing the world is a difficult place! What’s interesting is the fact that this series was actually released in 2020 yet there is a third season coming to our screens in July of this year. But before season three arrives, it’s important to have the scoop about the last two seasons. So what are we waiting for, let’s dive into season 1 and 2!

Season 1 carries the audience through Devi’s endeavor to increase her social status while also exploring the romance field. With these exploration demands on her mind, Devi insists to her best friends Eleanor and Fabiola that their popularity can only increase if they have boyfriends. With this societal expectation on her shoulders, Devi meets a popular boy named Paxton. After a few awkward encounters and misunderstood feelings, Devi and Paxton agreed to be friends. Alongside the Paxton drama, we learn that Fabiola is not attracted to men but is afraid to come out to her family and doesn’t feel ready. Will Devi take this news positively or will their friendship be bruised? To further exceed the topic of friendship conversions, an unsettling tension arises as Fabiola and Eleanor come to consider Devi’s absence in the friend group. The drama continues to unfold as the girls discover that Devi was lying about her interactions with Paxton and how she is slowly leaving their group for her new friendship with him. Will the three girls go from friends to enemies? Will Devi and Paxton become lovers? Those answers can all be answered if you start watching right now! But before you start watching let’s recap season two quickly!

Season 2 picks up on the on again off again relationship between Devi and Paxton. After thinking they’ve finally locked down the “dating” label, Paxton rips a new one by publicly friendzoning her as though nothing happened before. With the Winter Dance approaching at the end of the week Devi’s torn towards the conclusion that Paxton will not ask her to the dance. The real question is does Paxton truly have feelings for Devi or is she just a side hook up? After deciding to get rid of her pondering from further elevation, she comes to the conclusion of just asking Paxton herself. This may seem like a go girl moment but instead it was a turnout that could’ve never been expected. When she had hit Paxton with the proposal he immediately rejected her publicly. Devi then hid in the bathroom basking in embarrassment. Little did she know Ben (her nemesis) was there listening to her entire breakdown unroll. After the lash of emotions had come to an end, Ben decided to step in and attempt to ease her pains. Does this mean Ben cares about Devi? Could there be a different level of feelings embedded in these actions? Has Devi been barking up the wrong tree this whole time? Let’s just say it’s all quite complicated. Let’s take a break from the Ben mystery and wrap up the Paxton drama. Once Devi had finally put the dance proposal events behind her she decided to confront Paxton once more. In this moment Paxton reveals his real reason for mistreating Devi publicly as well as also admitting his true feelings for her. Well unfortunately, that is all I can share about season two. I hate to leave you on such a cliffhanger but it’s only to preserve the drama of the show. 

Overall, after getting a sneak peak at season 1 and 2 it’s clear that the drama of friendships and relationships never settles down. With all these unanswered questions I hope you decide to start this series and get those answers on your own! If you are someone who finds yourself enjoying shows filled with comedy and drama this show is for you! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start binging before season three comes out! Remember July of this year is the release date range! Thank you all so much for tuning into this month’s Netflix Hot Topic. See you all next month!