Isabella Vitali

Brianna Pacailler, Staff Writer

Isabella Vitali is a class of 2022 senior! She was awarded as December Student of the Month due to her persistent dedication to the Mysteries in Histories club. Not only is she an active member of this club, she also is the media coordinator and the podcast editor. Alongside her many responsibilities in this club, Isabella is enrolled in the Italian Honor Society, Paws for a Cause, as well as lots of outside volunteer work. Thanks to Isabella’s continuous hard work and optimism FTHS is lucky to have yet another incredible role model in the patriot family! Congratulations yet again to Isabella; applause to her for all her hard work!

Good Morning!

– Hello and good morning.

To start, congratulations on receiving this award!

– Thank you!

Just as your name was called moments ago, what was your first hand reaction to being selected as student of the month.

– I’m still in shock because my club won a student award last month so I wasn’t expecting it.

That’s so nice to hear, and congrats to the last student as well! Now, before we discuss extracurricular activities, why do you believe the FTHS staff nominated you as student of the month?

– I work really hard in my Mysteries in Histories club! I’m also involved in a few other clubs, but Mysteries is one of my main clubs. In Mysteries, I am the podcast editor, which is what I want to earn my major for in college. This is very beneficial and it really helps me become prepared! For example, during winter break, I worked on our podcast and it was one of the best ones we did so it’s just a lot of fun.

Awesome! Let’s move on to details about your club involvement! On the subject of extracurricular activities, are you enrolled in any clubs or sports? If so, can you describe your participation in each one?

– I’ve been in the yearbook club since my freshman year. I’ve also been involved in the Mysteries and Histories club since my junior year. I’m also in Paws for a cause. Along with these clubs, I’m a part of the Italian National Honor Society. Overall I just do a lot around the school, a lot of volunteer activities especially.

Wow, that’s a lot of fun activities! To continue, what would you say was your rationale towards entering the Mysteries in History club?

–  I had Mr. Grimes as my teacher in junior year and we connected really well, even despite having like a covid bearers. I wanted to start being in Mysteries actually in my freshman year, which I was going to join but I just didn’t have the time to do. Eventually when I was actually able to join, I realized that it was a fun club filled with people I could really connect with. Besides that, every topic for every meeting held is always so interesting and I’m never bored of the club.

And to further build this topic, what are some of your responsibilities as a Mysteries in History club member?

– So I actually have a principal role in the club. I’m the media coordinator which basically means I am in charge of our social media pages. I help with Club announcements, and I am in  charge of our monthly podcasts. We do a different topic every month! For example, in the month of December our club topic was that Santa is real. This included an entire conspiracy theory that Mr. Grimes made. In November we did one about the truth of Thanksgiving and I reported them with the professor and then we all liked to send them in and I added the whole thing.

It’s great to hear your dedication to this club! Now, to discuss the club a little further, what would you say is the overall motive of this club? And why do you believe it’s a good club to be a part of?

– This is a really good club because it gives you a certain view of history and kind of delve into the weirder, possibly darker side. In general, we kind of just talk and deeply discuss what you don’t learn about in your history classes. I could do the ghost of Jamestown and just kind of like the fun stuff that people are interested in. I think it’s a good club to join because honestly I just have so much fun when we’re together and there’s never a dull moment. Mr. Grimes is just so much fun to be around, he’s so funny and every club meeting is always a surprise you never know you’re walking into. 

This club sounds so fun! To continue, what types of skills or personal qualities do you believe you pertained after being a part of Mysteries in History? How do you feel these factors will impact your future?

– Definitely editing the podcast gave me a lot of insight into what I’m going to major in at college. I’m going to be a film major, so using an editing app that I’m really not familiar with is very helpful. With that, I touch a little bit on my video editing classes and the knowledge I have from that. It really furthers my knowledge on the end of the website and also tells me how to edit just audio rather than audio to video, which is going to help me tremendously with my future.

It’s awesome to hear how beneficial this club has been in your life! To further add to your club discussion, what are some of the activities that take place during your club meetings/events? 

– So every club meeting, you have a different presentation and they’re usually student-run. I did one in December about Krampus, which is kind of evil Santa and the students make a mission that’s approved by Mr Grimes. Then they talk about the entire presentation with their cited sources and it’s kind of like you’re discussing it. Also about every single meeting is a different presentation and they don’t have the following a specific order. The next presentation coming up is going to be about the Terracotta Warriors. Actually, it was kind of just what people were interested in talking about and we just talked about that part of history and you learn something new every meeting. For example, I didn’t know much about Krampus before I did the presentation and now I can say I guess I’m a little bit of an expert.

These activities sound so cool! Now, to refrain from the original topic, how do you personally manage your time between school work, clubs, and sports alongside leaving time for personal hobbies? 

– I think it’s just because I enjoy every single club I’m in so much that I make sure I put my full potential into it. I also keep time for my academics because my academics are very important to me as well as my extracurriculars. I’ve been a competitive dancer for about 15 years so while I do enjoy all my school clubs, I really do make sure I do my best at practices and go to all my club meetings because I love both so much.

That’s a very organized strategy, and it really expresses your time management skills! To close off our discussion, is there anything remaining that you would like to say to your fellow students and staff?

– Honestly if you’re thinking of joining a club for students just do it. I regret not joining my freshman year and I really wish I did because I’m having so much fun. I had so much fun this year and last year that I would have loved to do it all 4 years and if you really think about joining a  club just do it. I would like to thank all of my teachers for really pushing me and telling me to do my best.

 Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me! It was so nice talking to you. Congratulations on being the FTHS December Student of The Month! 

– Thank you so much! I enjoyed talking to you as well!

Here’s what Mr. Grimes, Mysteries in History’s advisor, had to say about Isabella:

“Isabella is our club’s Media Coordinator. Isabella has created a club Instagram account and is the editor of our podcast. She has edited two podcasts so far this year!”