Mental Mojo: Feeling Unproductive


Kristyn Pscolka, Staff Writer

Hello and welcome to my podcast! My name is Kristyn Pscolka and I’m here to talk about the real deal with mental health. Anxiety, depression, and eating disorders are all things I have gone through. I am recovering everyday from my eating disorder and I’m so glad to say that I am doing much better! Everybody is struggling with something, so why do we push those feelings away? Let’s dive into some deep convos and help build each other up.

Kristyn thinks that without having structure in her life, the devil on her shoulder becomes louder. She feels like what she does is never enough. She shares a lot of her therapist’s advice which includes; how our bodies need to recharge, and finding healthy ways to be productive is key. She discovers why she’s feeling certain ways and what her therapist’s input is. She lists goals that she wants to achieve, short-term and long term, but wants to focus on setting daily goals to feel more productive and grateful. Kristyn shares her lightbulb moments that she had and how ‘instant gratification’ is still lurking in the air.