Listen Up! 5 Songs to Get You Through the Week

John Van Horn, Staff Writer

Hey guys! It is almost that time of the year, winter break! Only three and a half days left. Anyways, here are five more of my song recommendations, making 50 in this article so far!


Monday- “Feelin’ Alright” by Joe Cocker (Original recording released in 1968 by Traffic) 

As motivation to tackle this upcoming short week before winter break, I went to one of my go-to feel good tunes, “Feelin’ Alright.” This song has been played many times at family gatherings (especially at my grandparents house), but that doesn’t mean this oldie isn’t a great tune. The song has a funky groove, numerous percussion beats, and catchy background vocals that will be sure to get you singing along. If you are “feelin’ alright” on this Monday, or need a track that will get you to feel that way, try out this classic 1970 hit. 


Tuesday- “Better Together” by Jack Johnson  (2005)

Before I explain, yes, I know that I have featured Jack Johnson recently in the article, and I try to avoid repeating artists. With that being said, I’m bending the rules slightly on Tuesday, because it is my birthday. I decided to choose “Better Together” because it has always been our family’s unofficial “family song” and one that I hold close to my heart. From a musical standpoint, the song’s catchy verses, kicked-back acoustic vibe, and Johnson’s soothing vocals make this song one that is not only nostalgic for me, but one that I jam out to from time to time.


Wednesday- “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele  (2010)

I figured that I was beginning to get a tad heavy on my favorite songs and genres of music, and had to remind myself to include variety into the mix every now and then. This Wednesday, I chose the Adele classic “Rolling in the Deep.” As I was seeking inspiration for something new to add into the rotation, I heard Adele’s magnificent vocals blasting from the basement as I was doing homework, and decided a good pop-music change would be nice. While Adele is not necessarily my favorite artist, I have to respect her incredible vocal range, which is shown here in “Rolling in the Deep.” Although most are probably familiar with the song already, it won’t hurt to check it out again. 


Thursday- “Let it Be” by The Beatles (1970) 

After Adele, I went to something a little more “me.” My all-time favorite Beatle song, “Let it Be” is a timeless classic. The song’s message, paired with great Beatle musicianship help put my mind at ease. “Let it Be” was the sixth track off of their final album (also titled Let it Be, before their infamous break-up in 1970. In addition to featuring one of my all-time favorite guitar solos, the song is beautifully simplistic. Its real meaning is in its lyrics, which is why I appreciate it so much. 


Friday- “O Holy Night” by Various Artists (1843)Being that Friday is Christmas Eve, I’m continuing with the holiday theme. By far the oldest song ever included in the article, “O Holy Night” was originally written as a Christmas poem written in 1843 by French poet Placide Cappeau, and has since been covered by countless artists. This is my family’s favorite Christmas song, simply because of its beauty. Singers amongst the likes of Celine Dion, Josh Groban, and Mariah Carey have perfectly covered the song, and it’s chilling notes. Be sure to check this one and get in the mood for the holidays, regardless of what you celebrate.