Venom: Let There be Carnage Review

Angelique Santana, Staff Writer

NOTE: This contains spoilers for Venom: Let There be Carnage


Venom: Let There Be Carnage is a 2021 film based on the famous Marvel Comic character Venom. The film is a sequel to the first movie, titled Venom, which is an alien symbiote who, in order to survive, needs a host. In this case, it is Eddie Brock, who is portrayed by the famous Tom Hardy. The sequel follows the aftermath of Eddie becoming one with Venom and them trying to live in each other’s bodies without conflict. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t go well. They fight, considering Venom has a heavy craving for humans rather than normal food. Another conflict would be Cletus Kasady, played by Woody Harrelson, who is a serial killer. Because of Eddie Brock’s news reporting, Kasady is initially scheduled to be put to death for his heinous crimes. However, something goes wrong when Eddie comes to visit him, causing him and Venom to put aside their differences in order to defeat Carnage, an alien symbiote who is also  the offspring of Venom. This symbiote takes the host of Cletus Kasady, making for a very memorable and intimidating villain. 

All in all, I really enjoyed this film! It is clearly evident that there was more budget put into the sequel rather than the first one. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Eddie and Venom this time around. There was more comedy, so that was great. Such as Eddie and Venom’s friendly bickering, and great punchlines by our main villain Cletus Kasady.  The storyline itself was much better than the first one, with better action packed scenes and more depth. Woody Harelson did a great job playing Cletus Kasady. He was the perfect amount of crazy, creepy and funny! However, I do believe that the voice for Carnage was very similar to Venom’s and should’ve been deeper or more unique. Other than that, Carnage himself looked awesome and very similar to his look in the comics. Shriek, played by Naomie Harris, was a cool side villain as well, and I’m quite disappointed we didn’t  see her character more throughout the film. Her relationship with Cletus was very interesting and fun to watch. The only critiques I have about the film are that I wish it was longer, considering the run time is only an hour and thirty minutes while most Marvel movies run for two hours at most. Also, I wished it could’ve been just a little more gory, considering you’re dealing with a very dark character like Cletus Kasady. But other than that, the movie was great and I had a fun time watching it! 

Now, the part that really sold it for me was the end credit scene! After the battle is won by Venom and Eddie, they are now on the run, considering the government could find out about the alien symbiote Eddie keeps in his body. So while on their getaway, they watch a telenovela and Venom begins to tell Eddie about his past. Venom explains that his mind is a part of a greater extraterrestrial hive mind that spans for thousands of years and worlds. Pretty cool right? However, just as Venom is about to show Eddie a sight of his past, the hotel room trembles around them and transports them to what seems to be a different universe. Now, if you’re a Marvel fan and have been keeping up with all the recent Marvel movies and shows, you’ll know that there is a Multiverse making its way to the MCU, therefore making anything and everything possible! Before them, the TV screen flashes to the Daily Buyle show, which delivers a story about Spiderman’s identity, which was revealed in the post credit scene from Spiderman: Far From Home, released in July 2019. Spider Man himself pops onto the screen. Intrigued, Venom moves closer, says “That guy,” then licks the screen. So, does this mean that the Spiderman vs. Venom crossover is finally happening in the MCU?! Will this mean that Venom will officially be in the MCU?! So many questions, and I can’t wait to find out what Marvel further does with Venom’s movies and characters! 


Rating: 8.5/10