Mental Mojo: Finding Your Purpose


Kristyn Pscolka, Staff Writer

Hello and welcome to my podcast! My name is Kristyn Pscolka and I’m here to talk about the real deal with mental health. Anxiety, depression, and eating disorders are all things I have gone through. I am recovering everyday from my eating disorder and I’m so glad to say that I am doing much better! Everybody is struggling with something, so why do we push those feelings away? Let’s dive into some deep convos and help build each other up.

Coming into the new world after quarantine was a challenge. Having to learn how to socialize again and actually wear something somewhat decent. Kristyn invites her friend Meaghan to talk about the positive effects of quarantine and how it effected them. They discuss how they grew as individuals, new hobbies they discovered, and becoming more confident, or as Meaghan says “bold”.