The Music Corner: A Little Motivation

Casey White, Staff Writer

I was researching topics to write for this week’s article, and I stumbled upon a website with writing prompts that are related to music, and one really hit at home. The prompt was: Do you think famous musicians or singers were instantly amazing from the first time they tried? Or did they put in huge amounts of time and practice to develop their skills and talents? 

I mean… wow. Answers could differ for each person, but I find that a person needs to develop their skills in order to become how they truly want to be. Since I love this prompt, I decided that I’d tell you guys about my story a little bit and take a break from the lessons. 

I started playing guitar in 7th grade, but my parents bought me my first guitar when I was 10. I learned through apps like Yousician and YouTube. I started off like everyone else, unable to form simple chords and play the easiest of songs. I expected to instantly be good at it, since my dad is an excellent guitarist. I guess I thought musical talent runs in the blood. 

I started taking guitar lessons in 8th grade. I started my journey learning on an acoustic guitar, which I regret now that I know the difference between acoustic and electric (I highly recommend starting on an electric guitar because it allows you to branch out so much more musically. The only downside with an electric guitar is the fact that you need an amp to do things such as distortion, while it’s built into some acoustic guitars that are more expensive). 

Playing the electric guitar opened my eyes to so many different possibilities with music. The electric guitar is so much more flexible than an acoustic guitar and because of this, I was able to branch out of my comfort zone. I started learning solos, and faster songs. 

I joined my first band in March of 2019, and we performed for the first time together in May of 2019. I wouldn’t call it a disaster, but now that I look back at the songs I was playing vs. what I play now, I see a huge difference. I started off by playing songs like Holiday by Green Day… now I play songs like Thank You For the Venom by My Chemical Romance.

I started my songwriting classes the summer of 2019. In these classes, I learned the basics of songwriting and production. I’ve taken these classes ever since. It’s taught me literally everything I know today.

I released my first song, “Her,” on April 10th, 2021 and my second song, “Roses,” July 17th, 2021 on all platforms. I produced, wrote, sang, and played the instruments on all of my songs! It took tons of work and YouTube tutorials to get it done. Without the help of my family and friends, I would’ve never been able to figure out how to release them.

Since I’ve started playing the guitar and writing music, I’ve grown so much. Thinking back to the initial prompt, I didn’t start playing as good as I am now… I’ve learned and practiced my butt off to get to where I am today. I was not born a perfect muscian, nor am I perfect now, but I’m very much closer to whatever perfection is. What I’m really trying to get at for this article is: no matter how good you are when you first start music, hard work and dedication will help you grow so so much.