Isabella’s Craft Corner: Fortune Tellers

Isabella Novera, Staff Writer

Hello everyone and welcome to this installment of Isabella’s Craft Corner! I hope everyone is having a good week. I just wanted to showcase sophomore, Vanessa Pacheco, and her take on the Monster Markers with this cute pumpkin bookmark. I love it so much it makes me super happy when people try my crafts. If any of you try any of my projects, please email me at [email protected] and I’d love to showcase your craft skills here! – Isabella <3

I hope this one brings a lot of you back, and if it doesn’t I’m a little concerned for your childhood. Today we’re making Fortune Tellers! They were definitely a pivotal part of my life growing up and were the first origami item I’ve ever learned to make in 2nd grade. 


Materials needed: A piece of white printer paper (mine is outlined in pink cause it kinda blends in the background) 8.5”x11”, 3 different colored crayons/pencils/markers, a pen, and a pair of scissors 

Step 1: Take your piece of paper and place it longways.

Step 2: Fold your paper into a triangle, there will be a rectangle left at the bottom. 

Step 3: Cut off the yellow-marked rectangle part so you are left with a triangle. 

Step 4: Open up the triangle and you will be left with a square. Then fold in all the corners of the square to the center to make a smaller square. 

Step 5: Flip over the square and repeat folding the corners of the square to the center to create a smaller square. 

Step 6: Fold the small square in half hotdog style (the small triangles on the inside) so that you have a rectangle with two squares on both sides. 

Step 7: There will be a side with a crease and a side with an open flap, place your thumb and under the flap on one side and the rest on your fingers on the other side (kinda like that Italian hand gesture thing haha). Repeat on both sides, right and left. Then push your fingers inward to create the classic fortune teller shape. 

Step 8: Flatten your fortune teller again into the small square. On the four squares, use your four colors and color each square a different color. 

Step 9: Flip over the square to the section with the triangles and write a different number from 1-13 on each half of the triangles. 

Step 10: Open the flaps under the triangles and write down the fortunes of your choice.

Step 11: Repeat Step 7 and form your fortune teller again.

Woo! Now you’ve finished your fortune teller! It’s quite useful for trying to make decisions if you write yes or no instead of fortunes. You can write anything to your heart’s content. 

HOW TO PLAY: You pinch and hold the bottom creases of the fortune teller and you or someone else chooses a color. Once you choose that color, you spell it out, each color is one (ex. Green would be G-R-E-E-N and be five alternating movements (opening and closing your pinching fingers then pulling apart than in).

Once you do all the movements for the letters, you stop for whichever movement (open or apart), and then the numbers will be exposed. Choose a number and do that amount of movements. Lastly, you choose a number again and lift up the triangle flap that it is on and read the fortune inside.