Haunted High School Was a Haunting Hit!

Sara Frasson and Mark Volpe

High school may be haunting for teenagers, but on the first of November, it was anything but haunting for the little kids who came to the event! Freehold Township’s Haunted High School was still a hit, even with it being postponed twice due to the rain. Kids enjoyed trick or treating while doing many Halloween-themed activities, all run by our fellow classmates and staff involved in clubs and programs at FTHS! Here are a couple of the booths featured at the event:

  • Peer Leadership had many interactive Halloween activities, including bobbing for donuts, donuts on a string, and even a cotton candy machine! Many students, staff, and children deeply appreciated the cotton candy and thought the games were creative and fun!
  • Technology Student Association (TSA) had a quick-paced interactive game that included stacking Starbucks in a certain amount of minutes. How many Starbucks you stacked, you got to keep!
  • The Global Studies stand was “candy from around the world,” sticking to a theme-matching their program with Halloween candy! There was a wheel that listed all different countries and children picked candy from the country it landed on.
  • Lead for Diversity had many “ghostly games”, which included spin the wheel, bowling, corn hole, disc drop, and ring toss!
  • The Spanish club had a relaxing and cool coloring activity with many different designs based on the Mexican tradition of Dia De Los Muertos!
  • Future Farmers of America (FFA) gave out candy bags to children which they painted and decorated which were also supplied by the club!
  • Sophomore SGA (student government association) had two Halloween-themes games, which were bowling and ring toss with pumpkins. Meanwhile, Junior SGA had ghost bowling!
  • SSCLA had a creative, interactive, and Halloween-themed activity! There were three boxes where you would have to stick your hand in and guess what you were touching. The spooky and disgusting choices included eyeballs, human bones, or brains. For disclaimer, real eyeballs, human bones, and brains were not used in this activity. The eyeballs were actually grapes, the human bones were chicken bones, and the brains were just cooked spaghetti!

The clubs all had many creative and amusing activities which concocted a convivial event! Without the help of the students and staff, Haunted High School would not have been the hit it was. Since Halloween last year was celebrated inside by many, Haunted High School 2021 brought back what many missed last year! The sea of smiling faces proved the kids enjoyed trick-or-treating while participating in the festivities provided by the clubs at FTHS.