“The Circle” Review

The Circle Review

Alexander Metz, Staff Writer

After watching dozens of shows on Netflix, I didn’t think there could be another one I was interested in. However, I decided to watch The Circle because it seemed interesting enough. The Circle is a Netflix original reality show where the most popular player wins $100,000. The 2 most popular players (usually) become influencers and vote on who to “block,” or remove, from “The Circle.” There’s only one catch: players can only communicate with each other through “The Circle,” a digital voice-activated platform where people can only see the pictures that others choose to share. That premise seems basic enough, but after a few episodes, viewers start to realize that in “The Circle,” nothing is predictable or guaranteed.

Once you watch The Circle, you start to see a whole bunch of twists and turns: new players getting added in the middle of the season, some players choosing to play as themselves and others lying about who they really are, alliances of varying strength, and much more that you won’t even believe after you see it with your own eyes. What is even better about The Circle is that there are currently 3 distinct seasons with 3 different sets of contestants. Each season of The Circle has 12 or 13 almost-hour-long episodes, which makes this show very binge-worthy.

So… stream it or skip it?

I would recommend streaming it. I feel that the best shows take the longest time to develop. The Circle is just another example of this phenomenon. Once I got a few episodes into this show, I couldn’t stop watching it. The show is much more fascinating than it appears because it is more complex than it appears. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be the most popular player and win that $100K. However, players have to slowly become the most popular, not draw too much attention, and end up being the most popular player out of about 12… and all of this has to be accomplished without seeing any other of the players, which makes for some interesting strategy.