Tori’s Tips: 10/16

Tori Simons, Staff Writer

How do you manage having multiple school assignments 

due around the same time?


When first receiving assignments, make a list of tasks that need to be completed. From that task list, create a schedule of what assignments are due soonest to latest. Then, start working on the assignments in the order of when they are due. Before moving onto the next assignment, be sure to complete all aspects of the current assignment and turn it in. In addition to this, try to get assignments done within the two days of it being handed out. By staying organized and being aware of homework due dates, it is easier to remember to complete the work and fully understand the material. That is why individuals should stay ahead of their work and try to complete the task as soon as possible, preferably on the day it is assigned. The last thing someone wants to do is wait till the last minute to accomplish their work and have all of their assignments pile up. If that is the case, the person will be more stressed when doing the task and will not have the time to put the greatest effort into completing it. The same concept applies for having assignments and assessments around the same time. In this case, get take home assignments done first. By doing this, it leaves extra time to focus on reviewing for the test or quiz and prevents stressing over the task. Additionally, if an individual knows about the assessment ahead of time, make sure to complete the homework and other practice problems for that class, which can help make studying easier. 


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