Tori’s Top Ten: Summer Activities


Victoria Simons, Staff Writer

1.Go see the sunrise/sunset at the beach

Going to watch the sunrise or sunset with friends is a great way to start the day or end the night. Seeing the beautiful colors in the sky will surely put you in the summer mood and gives you an excuse to go down by the shore.

2.Go on a picnic at the park

Instead of going out and grabbing a bite to eat with friends, planning a picnic is a great alternative. Planning, setting up, and enjoying a picnic at the park is a different and fun way to enjoy good food. By having a picnic, it gives you the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the nice weather with friends.

3.Go on a bike ride

Going on a bike ride has many positive benefits. On a bike ride you can meet up with friends, talk, and enjoy each other’s company while riding around town. You can also enjoy the nice scenery around where you are bike riding and take in lots of fresh air. Additionally, going on a bike ride is great exercise that is an exciting alternative to standard indoor workouts.

4.Organize an outdoor competition with friends

Over the summer, more people have time to hangout with friends and take breaks from activities done during school. To have a bit of exercise, get back to the mentality of being on a team, and adding a bit of competitiveness, organizing an outdoor competition with friends is a great idea. This outdoor competition could be having a volleyball, wiffle ball, basketball, soccer, cornhole or can-jam game. By having these small sports games not only allows for everyone to get exercise, but enjoy the time spent together without technological distractions.

5.Go parasailing or jet skiing

Since the beach opens back up around summer time, parasailing or jet skiing is an intriguing activity to do during the summer. These two activities are great ways to let loose, enjoy the ocean view, and force others to be pushed out of their comfort zones.

6.Have a water gun/water balloon fight

At times, the hot weather summer brings can be unbearable and cause people to be unmotivated to do anything. However, to stop this unproductive mindset, you can make the hot summer days better by having a water gun or water balloon fight. Not only will this bring a smile to everyone’s face, but will also allow everyone to get cooled off at the same time.

7.Visit a fair or theme park

Many fairs and theme parks are closed during school times. However, during summer more amusement parks are open for business and give people a chance to exert their energy in a positive manner. Fairs and theme parks are great ways for people to interact with others, enjoy flavorful food, and have adrenaline rushes.

8.Go on a camping trip

Since the weather is a lot warmer in the summer, it encourages people to get outside. An interesting activity to do outdoors is go on a camping trip. Sleeping outside, being one with nature, enjoying the beautiful scenery, getting fresh air, and making smores are all great benefits of going camping. Additionally, camping allows people to step away from their everyday lives and try new things.

9.Watch an outside/drive in movie

With the warm summer weather, being outside during the night is peaceful and relaxing. A great way to end off the beautiful summer day is to sit back and enjoy a good movie. Going to a drive-in movie or watching a movie outside is a great way to take advantage of the nice weather and allows you to have a change of scenery while watching a film.

10.Watch a firework show

A major factor of summer is watching a firework show to not only celebrate the Fourth of July, but other occasions and celebrations during this time of year. Watching all of the beautiful colors spread out all over the sky is a great activity to do during a summer night.