Pop Poetry: Hunched Back


Beau Romanowski, Staff Writer

It is hard to not hate you

You are stubborn and callous

You’d subdue your opponents with guns and call them powerless

But you are not infantry one anymore

You are an old man who can no longer stand up without help


Oh Wounded you are no longer a warrior 

I do not respect you

Because your sense of falleness mixed with your pride

Is the reason that she had to die at that time

I blame you for her death and though you had caused others this is the one I’m unable to forgive you for

She was yours and you were hers and she died because you were sad your voice wasn’t being heard

She died slowly and painfully right next to you as spring had just sprung before May or June 

She was old too

She was like you

The only difference is her heart was kind and yours is black from the fires you used to burn down towns in war


Your world has outgrown you

And how dare you cry for her 

How dare you look at me and poke fun at my appearance when you don’t even deserve half a sentence from me 

You killed her

You are the reason she had a hunch in her back 

Her broken arm too weak to hold you up anymore crumbled below you

And she died of something completely preventable because you whined and cried saying how you didn’t feel good

She was dying

Right in front of you

And now you cry for belittling her when you know she’d always put you first

Oh selfish war man 

I thought you had lost your hearing not your sight 

How could you have not seen the way all of us cried 

How I stayed in bed for weeks

How I cried a hundred times only for you to weep for something you caused

I hate that I want you to die

I hate that life would be better if you were on the other side 

That I would love to outlive you

And watch as you got to be put in the ground and rot

Unlike her

Who had to be cremated because we didn’t have a choice

She was poisoned by your lies and they knew it was contagious 

I blame you

The wounded,

The powerless,

The leech that had sucked out her life, 

I was taught not to hate, 

but in my lesssons was no one as selfish as you,

I blame you