Tori’s Top Ten: Ways to Reconnect With Others


Victoria Simons, Staff Writer

1.Call a Friend 

Calling a friend is one of the easiest ways to reconnect with a person. Having short or long conversations about life allows a person to communicate what is currently going on. Since this recent pandemic has caused people to keep their distance from each other, calling a friend is an alternative to talking to them in person. Communicating over the phone like this will keep each person present in the other’s life, connected virtually, and become aware of the major events life brings.

2.Text in a Group Chat

Texting in a group chat can connect multiple people in various different places. Using group chats can keep people present in other’s lives, aware of important situations that have occurred, and possible events coming up. Not only can group chats be used to keep a numerous number of people aware of situations, but can also prevent people from losing touch. Whether people are quarantining or heading off to college, group texting is a great way to stay in touch with others.


3.Online Movie Viewings

 An alternative to past movie nights in person with friends or family can be having online movie watching parties. “Scener” is an online free extension for computers that make it easier for friends to reconnect with one another. By downloading the extension, you are able to pick from various entertainment programs that include Netflix, Disney Plus, Youtube, and many more. Once a program has been chosen, you are then able to facetime and chat with your friends while watching your favorite movie or show.

4.Online Cards Games

A different way to play online games with friends and family is by using a website called, “”. This website has multiple free games where you can facetime and talk to others virtually. You can create your own private rooms for your friends, family, and you to have a fun long distance game night. Using this alternative for playing with others is different, exciting, and fun for everyone involved.

5.Imessage Games

Another online game option would be Imessage games or text message games. A free app that can be downloaded is “GamePigeon” that allows you to share game requests to others over text. Once this app downloads, it connects right to your text messages making it very easy to send game requests. There are over twenty different games available which include Crazy 8, Darts, 8 Ball, and Basketball. Being able to play games over text messages, something that is commonly used in society, makes it easier for friends and family to stay connected virtually.

6.Write Letters to Someone

Since society has greatly relied on technology this past year due to Covid, writing letters to others is a great way to take a break from this virtual world. Instead of texting something about life’s endeavors, writing a letter to that person is a different and uncommon way to connect with them that could have more benefits. Even though a letter may not get to that person as fast as text, it allows the individual to take a break from staring at a screen all day, causes them to use their mind more, and gives the person a chance to practice writing. Handwriting a letter to someone could also be very therapeutic and emotionally benefiting for someone.

7.Have an Online Bake Off

Another fun and creative way to connect with others is having an online bake off. This bake off can be held in various ways. One way to have this bake off is every person gets assigned a treat to make. Whether this be cupcakes, cake, cookies, or brownies, each person creates their assigned treat to the best of their ability. Then the group can decide who’s treat came out the best on appearance. Another way to have this bake off is everyone is assigned the same treat to make and they have to put their own spin on it. An example of this is everyone agreeing to bake cakes and decorating the cake on whatever way you please. You can try to copy a decoration previously seen online or create your very own decoration. Then you can judge each person on how well they replicated their chosen image or design. Whatever way someone decides to have this bake off, it is truly an exciting and different way to connect with friends virtually.  

8.Start a Book Club

From society becoming very virtual and technology based over the past few years, not many people have gotten a chance to take a break from this reality. Starting a book club with others is a great way to communicate with others about a common interest. By reading a book it not only gives you something to talk about with a friend, but also increases your brain function, increases your knowledge, and allows you to enjoy a good book. Reading and discussing a book with others can be very beneficial physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

9.Take Various Personality Tests

Since these times have made it harder for friends to hangout with one another, communicating virtually has become a big standard in society. Since face-to-face communication with others has been difficult, doing old in person activities, online, is an alternative. One of the most interesting and thought provoking activities to do with friends was taking various online personality tests. By taking these tests it will not only give you and a friend something to talk about, but it will also give the person insight to who they are. By sharing the personality test results with one another, friends can connect on a deeper level. These tests can help the other person know more about their friend and give them insight to how the other has handled these technology based times.

10.Have a Dinner Over FaceTime 

Having dinner over FaceTime is a great way to reconnect with others and bring back a sense of normalcy in life. Not being able to eat out at restaurants due to Covid has been a great upset of the past year. An alternative to this is having dinner with someone online, so you can both be safe and indulge in great food. Eating together over the phone also gives you both the chance to have the meals you want, instead of having to deal with the disagreement of where to eat. Having dinner over the phone also gives you the chance to enjoy each other’s company and make up for the nights where eating out was not possible.