Pop Poetry: One More Hug


Beau Romanowski, Staff Writer

To see you in person is a dream

And hugging you feels like I have trekked Everest and I am finally home

And to be near you to even just think about you is warming up near a fire because you make me that much more warm inside


To be with you is what I have chosen

But what have you chosen

What does that mean for we

If we have to be a dream


For when you are out of my sight I think about the next time I am to see you

The next time I could hug you

But I never want that hug to end

I wish to freeze right there

At my highest point

My Everest 


That is what one more means to me


Anytime I have ever said goodbye to someone before

I never knew if it was the last time

So many people have left out the good in goodbye

That now all I have left are hooks to help me better hold on to others


And now with you 

when I think this might be the last time I see you 

I don’t know if I’m being dramatic or realistic


When we first started dating I had already loved you

Because when we properly met I was at my worst

And to have someone look at me and say “I chose you” meant everything to me

Even though I did a sorry job of showing it


I didn’t know if you were telling the truth

Because I would have felt like a fool if you hadn’t and I had my hooks holding on to something already lost

Someone that was never truly mine

Which has been my greatest fear


You are my home

May we continue to meet

Over and over again

To see, to hug, and to hold

My friend?

My Everest 

May we be forever