“Blake Time” Episode 1

Blake David, Staff Writer

“Blake Time” is a new bi-weekly talk show by FTHS sophomore, Blake David! In this series, Blake will interview other students and discuss school events. This week, Blake interviewed FTHS sophomore Logan Feldman about her charity fundraiser, Dance FTK! Stay tuned for more episodes! 

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Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing sophomore Logan Feldman. We got to talk about her fundraiser “Dance for the Kids”, also known as Dance FTK. Dance FTK is an event fundraiser that Logan’s sister, Skylar Feldman, brought to Freehold Township. Dance FTK is a 4-hour event that helps raise money for local kids battling cancer and blood disorders. During the event, you are encouraged to stay on your feet and dance for the full 4 hours. If you like to dance, are looking for some community service hours, or just miss partying with your friends- you can sign-up with this link: Dance FTK. Upon signing up, you have to pay a $20 fee which is a donation in your name to the fundraiser. You will also get a personalized link that you can send to friends and family so they can donate and make donations in your name. If you have any questions or would like to sign up, you can email Logan at [email protected].