Tori’s Top Ten: New Year’s Resolutions


Victoria Simons, Staff Writer

1.Workout Regularly

Something that can be very beneficial to one’s self is working out. Working out can be done consistently, but also can be flexible to the amount of time a person has to workout and the type of workouts that they can do. Exercising gives a person time to take a break from the tedious work they do in a day, causes them to get out of their chair and gives them a mental break from reality. Working out can also have many positive physical effects that are dependent on the type of exercise done. Exercising regularly is a great activity to help someone get in shape and work the many different muscles in the body.


2.Drink More Water

Drinking water is very important for the human body because it causes many physical and mental benefits. The physical benefits of drinking water is avoiding dehydration, improving energy levels, maximizing physical performance and helping weight loss. The mental benefits of being hydrated is it can boost brain functions and prevent or help headaches. Drinking water has many other benefits that all help the human body function to the best of its ability.


3.Eat Healthier

Eating healthy is something that has a great variety of benefits to an individual. One main positive from eating healthy is helping someone lose weight. Eating healthy has a great impact on weight loss as well as increasing muscle and the amount of protein in the human body. Another good effect from eating cleaner is the multiple health benefits that come along with it. By eating more organic foods, multiple medical problems (mainly involving the heart and bones) can be prevented. Additionally, healthy eating can cause a person to be in better moods and get better sleep.


4.Read More

Picking up a good book and reading is a great way to improve many aspects to a person’s life. Reading can increase vocabulary, strengthening the ability to comprehend, which is used on a daily basis. Reading also improves brain function that can help people during everyday life including school and jobs. Following along these written out stories can also have many health benefits including stress reduction, steady heart rate and low blood pressure. Along with these many positive effects of reading, it  also gives a person a chance to have a break from reality and tap into the creative and wondrous side of themselves.


5.Save Money

Saving money is a great way to help someone in the future and causes them to be more responsible with money. Putting a few dollars aside each month makes an individual consider the great impact saving money has on their life. Saving up money can have many benefits including limiting debt, helping pay for future bills and can be used in times of emergency. Additionally, when a person saves money it gives them a chance to treat themselves in the future and reward oneself for being responsible with their money.


6.Start Writing or Journaling

Writing and journaling is a great way for people to express themselves while being creative in a calm and beneficial way. Writing allows someone to learn more, increase communication skills, expand their vocabulary and increase grammar skills. Aside from learning, writing can also help someone to be less stressed and more happy. Having the ability to write down thoughts, feelings, wonders, aspirations and more can greatly improve a person’s mood and mental health. 


7.Wake up Earlier

Waking up earlier gives somebody a greater chance of being more productive and energized throughout their day. Sleeping in may seem great, but a person can easily lose half of their day and feel tired. By getting up early each day, it can improve sleep quality and causes someone to be more awake during the day. Additionally, waking up early can cause an individual to have a more positive mindset and mood.


8.Be More Productive

Being more productive in everyday life can have many great impacts on one’s life. Doing chores around the house is a very simple way to be productive, but it’s also a great way to keep the house clean and tidy. Another way to be productive is to get work done more sufficiently and in a timely manner. Getting work done to the best of one’s ability in a timely manner is very rewarding and lowers stress levels in a person’s life. Being more productive also gives an individual more time to do stress free and pleasurable activities. 


9.Take More Time Off From Electronic Devices

Taking a break from electronics is an excellent way to reconnect with oneself and improve connections with others. Putting down electronic devices causes someone to be more self aware of their actions, thoughts and feelings. Not using electronics also helps a person become more connected with others and create real face-to-face relationships. Taking more time off from screens can also help enhance learning and comprehension skills. The improvement of sleep quality is also another great benefit to setting screens aside more often.


10.Put Aside More “You” Time

Making time to do things you enjoy is an important factor of life. Each person has their own worries, stresses and hard times they have to deal with. Putting time aside to enjoy yourself can have great impacts on their physical, mental and emotional states. Physically, a person can be more energized and awake to conquer all of the tasks they need to complete. Mentally, an individual can put their mind at ease for a short while, let their creative side take over and can become more focused. Emotionally, a human being can be at one with themselves and prevent their emotions from getting the best of them through the difficult moments in life.