Pop Poetry: I Have Waited


Beau Romanowski, Staff Writer

I have waited for this moment

And as I am sitting down

I rethink 


Every performance

Every bow

Every time I hid

And now to every time I’ll hide

I raise a glass to all the time I spent 

dreaming bout your eyes


Every time I will relive the moments we got

And I will pluck through them hoping that one day

I can sweep you off your feet

My tiny dancer running round

Like a field mouse through the wheat


But to speak is to lose you 

And I want to speak up 

But to say anything at all would cause pain

To much to think of


The muscles in my face are tied to strings that lie around you

And every time I wish to say, “love you”

I surround you with knives on the end of the strings

That slash and leave you crying,

“I hate you but I still love you”

And though our moments are dying 

I just want to keep trying

Though I dream of being near you not around you 

Connected by our red string


Until we meet again 

My love 

My hope 

My everything