Global Studies Activity Fair


Olivia Sullivan, Staff Writer

Are you a freshman or sophomore of the Global Studies magnet program, and may be interested in joining a club or organization? This Friday, December 18th, from 1:30-2:15 PM, Mrs. Galinski and the Global Studies Council will be holding the first-ever virtual activities fair! During this event, there will be members and organizers of a wide variety of clubs and activities. Some clubs include the Art Club, JSA, Patriot Press, and much more! Plus, potential club members will have the opportunity to meet with others who may be interested. Each club offered will be explained in greater detail, and any questions will be answered. Ms. Brusotti provided the following message; “Usually we would host the Activities Fair during the school day and have students attend during a part of one of their classes, but with the hybrid schedule that was not plausible. Therefore, we put together this virtual offering. We have over 50 clubs at FTHS but with all meetings being virtual at this time, not all clubs are running. I encourage all students to join multiple clubs. Over time, students may not stick with all of the clubs they join initially, but if they join multiple clubs now, they are more likely to find something they are passionate about and stick with it throughout their time as a student here. I would also encourage students to directly contact the club advisor(s) of the club(s) they are interested in. A complete list of clubs, along with the names of the advisors and the advisor’s contact information, can be found on my website using the following link. <<>. I hope the students that attend this virtual presentation find it helpful and it leads to an increase in our club membership.” Ms. Galinski offered this quote, “Upperclassmen in the Global Studies Program devised the idea to host a Global Studies Activity Fair because they wanted to share their excitement and passion for their clubs with the 9th and 10th graders.  They want to strengthen the community in the Global Studies Program by sharing common interests through participation in the many clubs and activities offered at FTHS.” The Google Meet Link will be found in the Global Studies Student Community Google Classroom.