FTHS Students Accepted into the 2021 All Shore Mixed Chorus


Kimberly Vasta, Staff Writer

This past week, the All Shore Mixed Chorus announced the Freehold Township High School students that will be participating in this incredible event. Before we get into all the details of who got in, let’s first discuss what this whole thing is. The All Shore Chorus is an organization that brings together some of the most hardworking, dedicated and talented choir students of high school. These singers are usually from Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The students that have the honor of getting selected will perform advanced pieces that will train and challenge them for other singing or musical opportunities in the future. This year, the students will be preparing a virtual concert with the conductor, clinician, and composer, Dr. Michael John Trotta.

Getting into this organization is very important for many students. Not only will being in this program help to advance and improve students musical skills, but it will also help prepare them for future opportunities outside of high school. Not only is being picked to be in such a beneficial and advanced program such an amazing accomplishment on its own, but also it shows how musically talented and hardworking the students are. Additionally, not many people get into this program, showing how special and specific this organization is in only picking the best of the best.

Seventeen talented students ended up receiving this special honor, being led by Mrs. Conners. Mrs. Conners, a chorus teacher at Freehold Township who was also given teacher of the year, put in an immense amount of dedication and gave encouragement to her students in order to prepare them for this program. When the students who got accepted into this organization talked with me, they mentioned how Mrs. Conners would always ask if they needed any assistance, showing her dedication to making her students her number one priority. On behalf of everyone, we would love to give a big thank you to Mrs. Conners for putting in the dedication to have seventeen students representing our school!

Now, let’s give some recognition to the amazing students who ended up being accepted into the 2021 All Shore Mixed Chorus! 6 seniors, 5 juniors, 3 sophomores and 3 freshmen were accepted. The students names are: Olivia Cappello, Caleb Zettell, Rebecca Bludgus, Vanessa Gorman, Sophia Friedenberg, Haley Markulin, Joseph Paderon, Naya Cruz, Kelly Larkin, Vincent Utz, Natalie Moradian, Piper Doherty, Conner Keough, Emily Landolfi, Lia Polisano, Burak Tasoz, and Allison Karmazin! These students will start rehearsing for their virtual concert in January. Make sure if you see any of these students, you wish them a big congratulations!